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TeamBaymax is Recruiting

PeeOnePeeOne Posts: 215 Tile Toppler
edited January 6 in MPQ Alliances

TeamBaymax is a newer alliance and looking to fill a 15 slots. 

2 of us came from a strong alliance of performers, but lack of communication became frustrating during boss events.

We are a relatively laid back alliance who realize there is life outside of games but still play regularly. 

Although we prefer members to get on daily, a couple day absence with a heads up is no problem.

We're not overly burdened with rules, just be active & understand that ALLIANCE EVENTS ARE A DEFINITE MUST!!

Please note: inactivity in group events (w/out notice) will result in player removal. This is our collective reason for being.

We do not have set in stone roster requirements, as we enjoy helping active players grow. Prize leeches are not welcome! 

Chat is encouraged, especially during group events, bouncing ideas off each other will definitely help everyone reach their true potential.

Search TeamBaymax


  • PeeOnePeeOne Posts: 215 Tile Toppler
    14 slots to go!!!
  • PeeOnePeeOne Posts: 215 Tile Toppler
    7 places left - would be good to fill by Event time  :) :) :) :)
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