Demon of Catasrophes soft-lock

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I saw the entry in the known bugs post about Plague Mare consuming reinforcements causing soft locks, and this may be the same thing.

My board:
Slimefoot, the Stowaway(4)
Demon of Catasrophes
Grand Warlord Radha

Opponent's board:

No supports on the board on either side.
I match 3 to play another Demon of Catastropes. It consumes 1 Slimefoot reinforcement, so I am now at Slimefoot, the Stowaway(3) and soft locks. The second Demon of Catasrophes does not enter the battlefield before the soft lock.

The Battle Log reads
Demon of Catastrophes was cast by [me]
Slimefoot, the Stowaway dealt 2 damage to [opponent]
Slimefoot, the Stowaway was triggered
[I]: Gain Life: 2

Scrolling up through the Battle Log to the first Demon of Catasrophes that I cast this game and it reads:

Demon of Catastrophes was cast by [me]
Demon of Catastrophes was triggered

It looks like the first time it triggered properly, consuming 2 reinforcements from saprolings that I had on the board. The second time, something went wrong with the trigger, even though I had enough reinforcements on board for it to happen properly.

I have used Slimefoot, Saprolings, and Demon of Catastrophes before with no soft lock issue.


  • Ark
    Ark Posts: 20 Just Dropped In
    Reading through the pre-patch 3.1 notes, I found this line:
    • Fixed an issue where the player was losing 1 Creature reinforcement, instead of 2, when casting Demon of Catastrophes in Battle
    Seems like the behavior of losing only 1 reinforcement is known, but no mention of the soft-lock.