Looking for Top 100 PVE Alliance

RosrafRosraf Posts: 35 Just Dropped In
Level 80 Roster. Easily clear all PVE objectives; finish in top 50 or better but not always optimal.  Usually 900+ in pvp if shield used. 

Formerly top PVE player in 2014-2016 (We Are Gr00t - Gr00ts Br00ts). Restarted 2-3 months ago. All 4 stars rostered. 1/2 5-stars rostered, but pretty much only use lvl 390 Okoye. 

Looking for for more competitive, usually top 100 PVE alliance.  PVP is a bonus. 

Line ID : Rosraf

P.S.  I still recognize a lot of old friends ingame, but have no way to contact you in full, private alliances. -My old fb and line accounts were deleted. 

Thank you. 


  • RosrafRosraf Posts: 35 Just Dropped In
    Also, would like to get in alliance in time for current Ultron event if possible. 
  • RosrafRosraf Posts: 35 Just Dropped In
    Disregard. Alliance found. Thank you. 
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