4* Player looking for good Alliance

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I have all characters with about half my 4*s Champed.  I only need about 48 more covers to have all 4* covered.  I have 19 4*s waiting for enough Iso to champ. 14 4*s with less than 13 covers.

Shield Rank 124


I play everyday and win out on Boss events.

I always get at least 100% complete in PVE, sometimes 120%.

I usually get above 900 pts in PVP (Sometimes i drop, others i shield - will shield if required).

Go to team is Lvl 405 - 5*Cap, Hood, and America Chavez.

I have 101 LL pulls saving for 300 to champ some 5*s.

Getting a little bored in the iso bottleneck and hoping a competitve alliance will help break the routine.

I have a semi-decent alliance right now, but i am putting in a lot more effort than i am receiving.  Im also looking to expedite my 300 pulls.

Let me know if you are interested (DM or reply here) and I look forward to working with you.



  • hilsen2hilsen2 Posts: 18 Just Dropped In
    I found a team, thanks everybody for contacting me.
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