Valkyrie’s Bounty targeting “Nobody” in Wave Nodes [Investigating]

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There’s a bug I see a lot when running America, MEH Hulk, and Valk in wave nodes. With 1 opponent left, when it comes to my turn if I down the last opponent in that wave, Valk’s Bounty resolves but then respawns before the next wave, and if you click on the tile even after the next wave arrives it literally says it is targeting “Nobody”. Then it is stuck targeting Nobody until it counts down or I can match it away, after which on my subsequent turn it respawns properly. I am not 100% certain but this might only be happening when the last character in the wave is killed by a passive before I move a tile, like with America’s Fear Not, Mi Gente!.

Also, at times it also forces me to make a move before the next wave will appear, even though there are no enemies left in the current wave.

Anyone else see either of these?

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    Requiring a move to go to the next wave when America downs the last enemy with one of her passives, I know has come up before. Don't think I've seen the Valkyrie thing, tho.
  • helix72helix72 Posts: 515 Critical Contributor
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    Here’s an image of the “Nobody” Bounty:
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    Thank you for reporting this. The team is aware of the America Chavez issue. Could you provide further information on the Bounty Hunter issue? 

    How often does this occur in your experience?

    Does having different characters on your team affect this? 
  • helix72helix72 Posts: 515 Critical Contributor
    Not a problem, thanks for acknowledging. To the best of my recollection, it happens all the time under the circumstances I mentioned above (I down the last enemy of a wave and the bounty respawns before the next wave arrives). I suspect (but cannot guarantee) that it might only happen when you down the last enemy of a node with a passive power that fires before you move any tiles. So the order of the characters could play a part.

    For the team I mentioned, I always run America in the middle, MEH Hulk on the right, and Valkyrie on the left. This is actually a nice game mechanic because once America's passive gets going, most turns start with the bounty tile out, America's passive fires and damages the target over the threshold triggering the bounty, then the bounty re-spawns--all before I've made a tile match. It's only when it's a wave node that there is no other enemy for the bounty to target because the bounty respawns before the wave advances (and perhaps related to the other issue, the next wave sometimes (maybe always?) won't show up until after you make a match).

    I haven't tested it with other teams/combos.
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    Thank you very much. That was a pretty good bug report. I've passed your information along to the team for further investigation.  
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