Any caution at all about leveling my 12 cover Okoye?

jtsings Posts: 278 Mover and Shaker
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   So first off, I'm not ready to jump into 5* land, just yet.  All of my 3* are mostly in the 230's to max level and I don't intend on selling any max champs 3*s, in the near future.  I also have 46 and growing 4*s champed (most "top" and "solid" 4*s are all champed, so mostly "decent" to "low" 4*s left).  I really, really, really enjoy playing Okoye because she makes everyone on her team better and her true healing is awesome as well.  My concerns would be, of course, PVP but I think I've heard somewhere around 350ish is the best level to softcap a 5*?  Does anyone have any horror stories of soft-capping a 5* and regretting PVP because of it?  Anyone have any good stories about soft-capping Okoye and finding PVE much quicker or PVP easier to climb?  Currently she's configured at 5/3/4 with 1 saved cover.  (And for those who are curious Shuri is 15 levels away from giving another yellow) I only have 4*s and 5*s in my roster listed here.