Removal of Inactive Coalitions (11/14/18)

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Hi Everyone,

Coalitions in MtGPQ have this special way of bringing players closer together via teamwork and camaraderie, and through this bond, bring that extra layer of excitement and interest to the game. With that in mind, it's only natural that we want players to have an easy time finding a Coalition to join. We've been hearing reports lately of players having a difficult time searching for active Coalitions, so we want to make sure that the Coalition Search feature is as efficient and effective as possible.

Starting on 11/21/18, we will begin a process of disbanding all inactive Coalitions in an effort to make all active, public Coalitions more visible in random searches. An "inactive Coalition" is comprised of members who have all been inactive for 30+ days. We will start this process by looking at Coalitions with only one member in it and verify whether or not they have been recently active, then move our way up to larger Coalitions. We will continue this process daily until we have successfully disbanded every inactive Coalition.

This process will take a few days, but we decided to do this slowly, so as to avoid requiring server maintenance and/or disrupting anyone's play during this process.

We appreciate your support and patience, and we look forward to seeing more active Coalitions in the Multiverse!
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