Can we have other set walkers for HoD?

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I might be in the minority when I say that I find HoD really enjoyable. I like the prizes and it doesnt feel grindy like many others. 

My only wish - if you decide to run it again in the future - would be to spice the things up a bit with different walkers in the top node. Many are tired of the same three that have been used from the beginning of the universe, so why not take Tezzeret1 or Chandra2 or one of the new gals, Nissa4 for example?People would maybe even spend crystals on them (that’s your goal, right?) and we‘d have to think out of the box a bit more.

If you guys dont know how to program a different walker, someone in the community most definitely knows, so feel free to ask.  


  • KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,620 Chairperson of the Boards
    Good plan. A new version for many new walkers would be fresh but also fairly easy in terms of effort!
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    I think that this idea is interesting, but I would like to propose a modification that will allow participating those players who do not have the required pw. if you don't own required pw, use one of basic five.
  • UweTellkampfUweTellkampf Posts: 376 Mover and Shaker
    spadpl said:
    a modification that will allow participating those players who do not have the required pw. if you don't own required pw, use one of basic five.
    I imagine many would use this as a loophole and play - well, anything else really, rather than tezz1. But I agree, newer players shouldn’t be „forced“ into buying a walker. So maybe they get to „rent“ the PW for the time of the event. 
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    Hod is an event that used to exist in the sets prior, but with a different name (always with good rewards) .. They discontinued these pw introduction events, I think it's unlikely that they change that.

    Anyway, any change would be welcome to me.
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    thumbs up 
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    +1 to this idea. 

    Maybe the selected walker can just be locked in for the event - like how nissa4 or the eldrazi was. I guess it would be a semi showcase?

    Though i am not completely opposed to new players having to buy walkers, i understand it sucks to be locked out. 

    Couple of thoughts:
    1. The rewards are high enough to help discount (progression + lower ranking) or semi-pay for the PW (progression + higher ranking) - its not a complete loss. Though depending on your mana gem (pinkies) valuation, this value fluctuates

    2. The event was designed to be only run once as an exclusive due to the high rewards (i think) and planeswalker vault sale but its run more frequently these days. Regardless, my point was that HoD feels more like endgame content similar to TotPs. Even if they have or get the walker, the legacy aspect as well as the difficult left node objectives will decimate them - it is certainly not for new players. 
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