What's the Current PVP Gameplay Style for 5* Players?

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    I don't know how relevant this thread's topic is for me but yes, I have moved from the 4* barrier to the 5* barrier.

    I haven't updated my gamependium but I have champed my 5*'s, two of which are Jessica Jones and Okoye while I'm still working on Gladiator Thor, and I have witnessed the onslaught of like leveled teams in PVP.

    I still have other 5*'s to level to champed status (I have 9 fully covered 5 * characters) and I hope to bring them up to their full potential.

    My question is what is the usual gameplay style of of PVP for 5* players.  I see some get up to the highest reaches of the player ranks.  Is that normal or is that just those who play effectively with time and shields?  I'm sort of new to this whole 5* attention in the game.
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    *Created new thread in order to avoid bumping old thread containing information that is potentially inaccurate now.
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    This isn't meant to be snarky, it's just true. But ever since I entered 5-star land I simply don't play PvP anymore. Yuck.
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    Usual gameplay style varies from player to player. :) The guys at the top of the scoreboard usually play efficiently (usually with the help of shield check rooms), but there's plenty of people who get respectable scores without going the extra mile. So it's really just a question of how much effort you want to put into it. Experiment a bit and try to figure out what works for you.
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    The honest truth is that in 5* land is only going to be enjoyable if you have several of the good ones champed.

    That said I play with someone who runs Okoye/XFDP very successfully to high scores.

    I find it enjoyable, ultimately you are going to be hit at whatever level you play...there’s always a bigger fish. 

    I suspect like like many people I thought that when I transitioned oh so long ago that I could just stomp stomp but then all my opponents and ppl that could see me changed.