Lost character


Today i received a DAKEN card as a reward for a 3 Star tournament. I directly went to RAISE LEVEL panel and sold it. Price 125 crystals, so far all is ok, so i confirmed.
But i turned out that my main DAKEN character lvl 60 was sold instead of lvl 6. I did get the money for lvl 60.
Im completly sure that i was selling lvl 6 Daken. I didnt spend any crystal after that.
Please give my DAKEN back.

In game nick Rybok


  • IceIX
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    Please make a customer support ticket using the Feedback Form in the upper right of the game if you have not done so already. This forum is frequented by Customer Support but they don't work out of it, so a ticket is the way to get things done.
  • I did in game ticket. Still was my main char and i used some resources to level it up so i kinda worry ;/