Puzzle Warriors 3 - Ep#166: Angry Ian Engaged

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    For starters, if we’re going with new X-Men movie level of power Quicksilver, which sounded comparable to the one described, he probably wins since he’s just unreasonably fast.

    In this episode, someone mentioned Gwenpool’s “Plot Armor” as being situationally useful.  I’d be curious what other generally maligned abilities you’ve found situationally useful, even if they clearly are not very good.  For example, I’ve literally never used Squirrel Girl’s “The Bigger They Are” yellow ability for the shield tiles, but I have found it useful on rare occasions to end my turn without changing the board to force the AI into making a poor match or set up something better for me the following turn.  Clearly 3/5/5 is her best build, but her yellow remains one of few abilities in the game which ends the turn without otherwise modifying the board.

    (edited to correct statement per @Jaedenkaal ‘s comment)
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    ZootSax said:
    Clearly 3/5/5 is her best build, but her yellow remains the only ability in the game which ends the turn without otherwise modifying the board.
    OML Black also.

    Craig, I totally voted last week. Talk Willy about that. I will also vote Quicksilver this week.

    Ian: I'm bewildered by your outrage at anyone attempting to defend Gwenpool's Plot Armor, closely followed by your impassioned case for 3* Doc Ock's Armed and Dangerous. That power can only be generously described as "mediocre", and the best thing it has going for it is that, unlike some other low-damage Green powers, it doesn't damage your own team.

    I know you don't like Gwenpool as a comic book character, and that's fine. That's no reason to shut down someone for finding a use for what is clearly her worst power.
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    In playing Krakadoom, I've found Gwenpool to be a joy--the green does massive damage, the purple allows me to destroy a random column for not-quite-massive damage and some boardshake, and the black lays down those Protects while sending her teammates airborne--which is essential when an opponent with AOE is about to fire his power!  I'll probably be using her more often after this experience!
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    Vote: QuickSilver... overall it is a bad match up but I do think quicksilver will be able to control the environment better so I give him the nod

    edit: if they ever run the pym particles event where they have that marathon fight with 9 characters Bl4ck Panther, Shuri, & C4ge work great.. it’s a slow grind but C4ge makes the protect tiles then BP matches them away causing damage. They can all fortify special tiles so that helps as well. (I had a screen shot of a board that was pretty much filled with fortified tiles but I think I erased it  :'( ) and further more this post has now been brought to you by fortify..... fortifyyyyyyyyy -not really but if Willie reads this I can hear Craig n Ian going fortifyyyyyyy-
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    I stand corrected, @Jaedenkaal
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    I will vote for quicksilver as well.  Even if the controller is flying quicksilver can run up the wall and jump out at the controller to knock him to the ground.

    craig congrats on Dazzler!  

    Also in Apocolyps event I got to use my 0,5,5 kitty pride to easily defeat apocalypse.  She removed all those special tiles and CD death tiles.  I’m never going to use her red, and am really not counting on her for her special tile buff, but that special tile remover is going to be great in strange sights, and if they ever run enemy of the state again.
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    Ray, I am nice and I hit you in sim with a weak team (DD.Carol/IM40), and you keep hitting me with your A.  You should join the hi-jinks in the Super Sim Brothers (tm) room.  

    PS:  When do you guys launch Strike Force Warriors 3, since that's where everyone went?
    Seriously though, have you tried it?
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