What is the current Standard Format? *Updated (11/26/19)

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This post is dedicated to showing which card sets are in Standard Format at this time. It will be continuously updated as new card sets are introduced and as older card sets rotate out into Legacy Format.

Starting in 3.0, Standard in MtGPQ will follow tabletop MtG’s own Standard format with the single difference of Origins being always available. Sets will be added to Standard until it reaches 8 non-Origin sets. Once the ninth non-Origins Set is added, the oldest four non-Origins Sets will be moved to Legacy. 

Standard Format

Throne of Eldraine
Core Set 2020
War of the Spark
Ravnica Allegiance
Guilds of Ravnica

*Always in Standard Format

Legacy Format

All Standard Card Sets plus...
Core Set 2019
Rivals of Ixalan
Hour of Devastation
Aether Revolt
Eldritch Moon
Shadows Over Innistrad
Oath Of The Gatewatch
Battle For Zendikar

Change Log
 (11/07/18) Created post.
(03/12/19) Ravnica Allegiance enters Standard format
(06/18/19) War of the Spark enters Standard format
(10/02/19) Core Set 2020 enters Standard format
(11/26/19) Throne of Eldraine enters Standard format. Core Set 2019, Dominaria, Rivals of Ixalan, and Ixalan enter Legacy format
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