Should I Purchase 5* Glad Thor Yellow for 250 cp?

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I have been using my boosted 4/1/2 level 360 Glad Thor this past event and I never realized how fun he is to play with.

I have 46LTs and 512 cp - looking to horde up to 300 rolls.  250 cp is not a major hit, but it will set me back a little.

Here is the real question, I have a 405 5* Cap that I use with Chavez and Hood, and my concern is that leveling Thor up will affect my PVP matching with too high a level.

I currently am hanging out in the 4* Iso bottleneck waiting to champ my (19) 4*s, but I may want to dip my toe in 5* land.

I currently get about top 50 in PVP SCL 7 (900 pts minimum) unless I want to save on HP Shielding

Should I purchase a cover and level up to 375?  Will PVP get harder?

Should I wait until I have more 5 stars champed to support him?

He is currently my bonus hero, so it will happen eventually (hopefully)

Thanks for your response.


  • Anon
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    After Gambits need, Thor is arguably the best 5* but I might hold off if I were you.

    Thor is my only champed 5* and I'm looking to keep it that way for a bit longer. I noticed since champing him my PVP matching got a lot worse. It's not terribly oppressive, but it was a bit jarring at first. Being that you already have another 5* at 405, I can imagine it wouldn't be too pleasant an experience.

    Then there's also the fact that buying that Yellow cover would set your Thor at 4/1/3, which is pretty bad. Yellow, while objectively a strong power, is Thor's worst one. I honestly wouldn't buy a cover for it unless I had Green and Red maxed.

    Also worth mentioning is that while Thor is an absolute powerhouse on offense, he's actually really bad on defense. And especially worse if he isn't fully covered. I'd attack Undercovered/leveled Thor's all day.

    These are just my thoughts though. Maybe someone else has better insight. As I said, he's my only champed 5* and at least in PVP, I have no choice but to use him so I've gotten to know how he works. Ultimately, you choose what you want to do. Best of luck.
  • Quebbster
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    Thor is lots of fun, but the difference between 4/1/2 and 4/1/3 is neglible. You are probably better off waiting, unfortunately. You can get more Thor covers through Valkyrie's champion rewards in due time too.