3.0 Release Notes *Updated (11/13/18)

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3.0 Release Notes

General Changes

The 3.0 update is bringing a whole variety of new features: a new card set, new event, new mechanics, and a very important community-requested feature: Graveyard Display!

New Graveyard Display
  • Players are now able to view cards in their Graveyard.

Check out the full Guilds of Ravnica Update - New Features blog post where the team breaks down exactly how the Graveyard Display will work, updates everyone on changes to the Standard Format, and provides information on the new Split Cards mechanic.

New Card Set: Guilds of Ravnica

Ravnica is full of interesting characters, and even more interesting are the Guilds that have formed around them. In this card set, we explore these Guilds and what makes them so unique...and dangerous. Not only will there be 200 brand new cards, but also new events, mechanics, and Planeswalkers added to Magic: Puzzle Quest.

New Mechanics

Guilds of Ravnica will have 5 new card mechanics each dedicated to an individual Guild. Take a look at a brief description of each below, then check out the full details in the Guild Mechanics blog post!
    • Surveil
      • Acquiring and dealing information is how House Dimir stays ahead of other Guilds. Surveil allows players to look at the top 4 cards of their deck, choose X to put in the graveyard, and the rest goes on top of they library.
    • Jump-start
      • The Izzet League is known for their bold and chaotic experiments. With Jump-start, players can cast cards from the graveyard, if they've exiled enough cards that had Mana saved up.
    • Undergrowth
      • For the Golgari Swarm, death is not the end of a fallen allies journey. With Undergrowth, players can take advantage of the number of non-Token creatures in their graveyard, in order to trigger powerful effects.
    • Mentor
      • The Boros Legion functions as the righteous and zealous constabulary and standing army of Ravnica. Each time a creature with Mentor attacks, creatures under your control with lesser power gain +1/+1 permanently.
    • Convoke
      • Community and harmony are the pillars of the Selesnya Conclave that allow it to thrive. Convoke considers how many creatures and creature reinforcements you control to reduce the cost of casting that card, up to its X value.

    New Event: Rising Tensions

    To depict the contentious battle between guilds, a new event is arriving called Rising Tensions. This event will be replacing Across Ixalan, but don't worry. Across Ixalan will be slightly changed to be a new 2-day event instead. You can read about those changes further down below.

    As for Rising Tensions, Oktagon's designer Matheus Funfas breaks down the event details down below. If you want to see the full event details, including objectives and node info, you can check out its Event Details page HERE.

    "The friction between the guilds of Ravnica has never been more palpable. An absent Guildpact has given rise to new guild leaders with unknown agends. In this critical moment, each guild must gather information and seek possible allies."

    Event Details
    • Rising Tensions will have an entry fee of 20 Mana Crystals.
    • It is a Daily, Standard, PvP, non-Coalition event, with 4 sequential nodes that work with the same unlocking rules from Trials of the Planes.
    • Each node has its own color combination, according to one of the Guilds from GRN
    • The nodes order changes daily.
    • Rising Tensions will substitute Across Ixalan as the main daily event on the Standard environment.
    • The final reward of each Rising Tensions event is an exclusive card from an older Ravnica set, related to its Guild.

    "Everyday a special event support associated with a Guild will affect all the nodes. The Guild is represented both by the event subtitle, the background during the node selection screen, and by the special support. Also, that guild's color combination will not be present on the available nodes during that Guild's day, as its presence is represented by the rules applied to all nodes.

    Every event support presents its own set of rules that are related to Mentor, Surveil, Undergrowth, Convoke, or Jump-start. These mechanics will be available to both players during the encounter.

    Let's take a look at the special supports:
    (Click on image to view larger version)

    As you can see, each support has their corresponding Guild's flavor that brings a minor mechanic associated with that Guild. This way, just like in Across Ixalan, players can try different synergies with the cards from their own Guilds, and also play with combinations of effects from different ones. You can find out more about Guild Mechanics in our previous article: Guild Mechanics

    Hope you enjoy the new event!"

    New Planeswalkers

    With the Guilds of Ravnica set arriving in MtGPQ, comes new Planeswalkers!

    Ral, Izzet Viceroy
    "A talented storm mage who has risen to the highest ranks of the Izzet League. Ral Zarek is brilliant, unpredictable, and daring; everything the Izzet value most. He invented a device that can track Planeswalker arrivals and departures on Ravnica, and devoted much of his time to study the ins and outs of interplanar travels."

    Check out his abilities below!

    Major Flux of  Genius: [4 Shield] Support: Whenever you cast a Spell, this support deals 6 damage to any target. Then, draw 2 cards.

    Vraska, Golgari Queen
    "On Ixalan, Vraska encountered Jace Beleren - the Living Guildpact and a Planeswalker himself, and discovered the doom that Nicol Bolas planned to unleash on Ravnica.

    Vraska asked Jace to hold on to her memories of him and of Bolas's plans, resolving to live as a sleeper agent until the moment to return her memories, so she could retaliate against Nicol Bolas in defense of her home."

    Check out her abilities below!

    Improved Golgari Assassins: [Indestructible] Support: Can't be Destroyed or Exiled. At the end of your turn, if you control 1 or more creatures and if your opponent lost life this turn, reinforce this support and your opponent loses X life, where X is the number of reinforcements of this support.

    Standard Rotation

    The Standard Format is changing! Check out the full details in the Guilds of Ravnica Update - New Features blog post!

    Guilds of Ravnica enters Standard Format. No card sets are rotating out in 3.0. 

    Special Offers

    To celebrate the arrival of the Guilds of Ravnica card set, we will have a brand new selection of special offers available. Keep an eye out in the Vault, so you can snag them while you can!

    Event Changes

    Trial of the Planes
    • Changed the Booster Reward: M19 to GRN.
    Fate Is Rarely Fair
    • Mana Runes in Progression Rewards have been increased in each Color Mastery tier.
    • Mana Runes and Booster Packs in Placement Rewards have been increased / changed in each Color Mastery tier.
    • Secondary objectives have been changed.
    Progression Reward Changes

    Placement Reward Changes

    Secondary Objectives Changes

    Across Ixalan
    • Changed to 2 day event
    • Changed to Legacy event
    • Removed 20 Mana Crystals entry cost. Event is now free!
    • Mana Runes in Progression Rewards have been increased in each Color Mastery tier.
    • Secondary objectives have been changed.
    Progression Reward Changes

    Secondary Objectives Changes

    Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi
    • Changed Recharge Time from 5hr 30min to 3hr

    Bug Fixes

    • The player's Blue mana bonus no longer increases whenever Gilded Lotus is reinforced. *New Update*
    • Casting Sphinx's Decree no longer causes a soft-lock to occur, if the opponent has at least one Spell card in their hand.
    • A soft-lock no longer occurs when activating Kiora, Master of the Depths's Crashing Waves ability while Hallar, the Firefletcher is on the battlefield.
    • A soft-lock no longer occurs when dealing damage with a Planeswalker ability, while Dismissive Pyromancer is on the battlefield.
    • Helm of the Gods now properly gives First Strike to the target creature.
    • A World Reborn's event Support no longer counts as the player's Support in the Zhalfirin Void encounter.
    • Slab Hammer now properly applies its effect to the target creature.
    • Players are now able to properly target their own creatures that have Hexproof.
    • Sorcerous Spyglass is no longer returned to the player's hand with full mana when it is destroyed, while Crucible of Worlds is on the board.
    • Belzenlok's Demon is now properly buffed when beginning the player's turn while there is a Creature with at least 2 reinforcements after Belzenlok's Demon has been buffed twice.
    • Creates are no longer counted as lost if they are exiled using Karn, Scion of Urza's Legacy ability.
    • The player no longer draws cards before the opponent does, when the opponent casts Day's Undoing.
    • Fiery Intervention no longer destroys an opponent's Support, when selecting Not Now on the Casting Prompt, and will remain in the player's hand instead.
    • A Spell card with full mana will no longer be fetched to the opponent's hand, when the player has a full hand and matches one of Chaos Wand's Activated Gems.
    • Momentous Fall is no longer able to be cast multiple times on the same creature.
    • Two Activated gems are now created at the beginning of the turn, while Valiant Knight is on the battlefield, instead of just one.
    • While Settle the Wreckage is on the battlefield, the opponent's attacking creature will properly be exiled before it can deal damage.
    • If a transforming card is returned to the player's hand, it will properly return as untransformed, instead of as transformed still.
    • The special rules in The Dragon War are now only applied if a Planeswalker's ability is successfully activated.
    • Fixed some Text Issues.
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