Champing 4* Deadpool vs. 4*Iron Fist

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I have enough ISO to champ another one of my many 4 star fully covered. 
The following are the ones I haven't champed, but have 13 covers for-
Bucky Barnes
Iron Man Hulkbuster
Totally Awesome Hulk
Black Widow
Devil Dinosaur
Iron Fist
Sam Wilson

Now I'm pretty much narrowed it down to Iron Fist and Deadpool based on the champs I already have. Just wanted to get opinions. I have every card except the 5 star Captain America 1st Avenger and Iron Man Mark XLVI. All of my 3s and 2s are champed. 

So what is everyone's opinion?



  • darkwatcherDEZ
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    We tend to use Deadpool defensively on the occasional  Shield PVP as a Grockmora counter or when boosted (also if a boosted Character leverages a countdown tile mechanic). His RED is steep in cost, and his Chimichanga is not useful in PVP. In PVE he could save you some health packs if you do have the Changa

    Iron Fist is a really good self-synergizer, is a beast when boosted, and of course plays well with Luke Cages. His kit allows for variable play styles and partners. His BLACK is also steep, but his other abilities help get him there. He gives you two nukes and does well with strike and protect tile generators. 

    Suppose it depends on your play style 
  • Daredevil217
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    Should of put a poll!

    Anyway, my vote is for Danny who I find to be pretty underrated (while I think pool is overrated). Despite complete color overlap he synergizes really well with Vulture (among others) if you have him. Vulture black feeds Fist blue feeds Fist green feeds Vulture black. Also great with Carndusa as an outlet for all that blue/green. His fortifying specials makes him a great pair with Shuri/ME Hulk. And as others said, he works great with Cage. Both are really FUN characters I just think Fist does more damage for the AP and self-accelerates. 
  • TPF Alexis
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    4Pool is great in some teams, but he kinda needs to have the team built around him. HoboFist is an excellent all-rounder. He can be pretty self-sufficient if you just need to fill his colours, or you can build around him and put together some very powerful combos.
  • hopper1979
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    Both they are two very useful characters.  If you are into pvp I would go Deadpool first.  I still use him all the time his black power is vital for me to get through the 5star teams I run against.  Now I do have two 5's he can hide behind OML and JJ so this works well he will typically do 1-4 black passives a round against 5's so this is very effective.  If you do not have that luxury Iron Fist is one of the best all around 4's and is good for pvp and pve.  He is self starting and very flexible, 5/5/3 if you are on a team that generates attack tiles, hammer with his green or 3/5/5 bring a black  battery and hit like a truck.  I personally like the first option because I run him with Vulture who feeds his blue and green and you keep Vulture airborn the entire game.  If you go with 3/5/5 just make sure you get the added benefit of a shield producer, 4Cage, Nico etc.   Cant go wrong with either one.
  • Ragnoluce
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    Yeah this is a tough--you have Xforce Wolverine & Luke Cage, already champed, which are the two chars that would make this easy for me :)

    Hobofist is awesome with Vulture and/or Luke Cage, both of which you have.

    Deadpool is amazing with X-Force Wolverine, and he's also a nice compliment to Carol--try him with Marvel and Wasp. if you are more PVE-focused and you have his Chimichanga, he can absolutely shred with that team and/or Carol/Cloak&Dagger.

    Both are great, but I might stick to Deadpool to start!

  • Neuromancer
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    You should champ dat Nova.
    Pew, pew, pew.

    If you have Thing, go ahead and champ Deadpool to make the crazy defense team gimmick for PvP SHIELD Sim.
    Iron Fist is a stronger stand-alone.
  • Spyder
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    I prefer PVE over PVP. I play PVP, but just go for the 10 CP and sit back and watch people kick the crud out of me. I went ahead and champed Hobofist and will start using home with C4ge and Vulture. I just champed vulture last week and have been running him with Gwenpool since she’s boosted and they just destroy in PVE once they get going. 
  • Anon
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    Curious why you wouldnt champ IMHB first. Anyway, I have a soft spot for XPool as he was my first champed 4*, but I'll concede Hobofist is probably better.
  • DAZ0273
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    Iron Fist would have been my choice as he can carry a fight pretty much on his own.

    One niche use for XFDP is the Ultron boss battle though where his Countdown for What can exploit Ultron's row destruction.