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How many saved covers do you have?

StraycatStraycat Posts: 947 Critical Contributor
How has cover saving been treating you? Have you done a 3-1 or 5-1 swap? Whats the most saved covers you had for a single character? Any rng horror stories where you end up with more saved covers than usable covers?

I went thru my roster and I have 3 5*s with a single saved cover that will probably stay that way forever. I have 4 saved for Okoye that I will swap when I get another cover to champ her.
My worst covered is Dazzler who already has 1 saved at only 6 covers. My most saved covers is 2* cap with 7.


  • Daredevil217Daredevil217 Posts: 1,917 Chairperson of the Boards
    Fun topic!

    3* all my dupes are champed so none
    4* all characters except Domino are champed so none

    2* I keep one at level 15 and collect covers until they hit 50, champ, sell and reroster. So currently 272 saved. 

    Archangel 5/4/4 +2
    Daredevil 5/4/4 +1
    Green Goblin 5/3/5 +1
    Jessica Jones 4/4/5 +4
    Okoye 4/5/4 +1
    Thor 5/5/3 +2
    Captain America (IW) 2/5/5 +1

    So as of this excact moment, 272 2s and 12 5s. 284!
  • shardwickshardwick Posts: 1,055 Chairperson of the Boards
    11 saved covers for my 2* Wolvie, for my 3s I have 21 saved for my dupe of Cap, like nine saved covers for my 4* Thor and one saved cover for 5* Loki.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 2,044 Chairperson of the Boards
    5* I have a 6/1/0 Daredevil, who like yours will probably be that way forever.
        I have a 6/3/2 Ghost Rider who might actually get champed. It's going to take about 60 covers for 4* ghost rider to feed him into champ status, though he is currently my only 5* bh. I could see myself doing the 3:1 swap on him, or waiting the 10 more covers to get the next usable one.

    4* Most of my unchamped 4* characters have at least one saved. I have several with 6 saved covers. My most saved covers was on W4sp with 7 coming out of that movie event, but I've since champed her.

    3* I just have 1 saved on my dupe Strang3, who is waiting on iso to re-champ.

    2*s i think my record was 10 when I was re-building my farm. Wasn't on purpose, just worked out that way.
  • St1nkf1stSt1nkf1st Posts: 112 Tile Toppler
    I stopped champing my 3* dupes as cover saving was introduced. So I have quite a number of them with over 20 saved covers.
  • Tony_FootTony_Foot Posts: 759 Critical Contributor
    Prior to the anniversary I had almost 170 4* covers saved. Down to about 70 now as I work through champing them. So grateful for that system.
  • Pr0spect0rPr0spect0r Posts: 291 Mover and Shaker
    Most I saved for a single character was 50
  • YepyepYepyep Posts: 468 Mover and Shaker
    5* 6 saved for 3 characters
    4* 123 for 27 
    3* 137 for 17
    2* 50 for 4

  • St_BernadusSt_Bernadus Posts: 137 Tile Toppler
    edited November 2018
    I just champed Elektra and Wiccan both with 10 saved, but right now my 4-star saved covers totals 86 (with 18 more 4-stars I can champ as soon as I have all the iso).
  • gravelgravel Posts: 466 Mover and Shaker
    Here's my horror story for you.  I have 12 saved Okoye covers for my 5/5/2 Okoye.  I didn't actually pull the red covers either, they were from latest swaps before they ended that in favor of the new system.  When they announced Shuri as the feeder, I think I needed 42-ish covers to get her to 320 to get the last Okoye cover.  I need 2 more Shuri covers now, and while I've seen some more Okoye covers come in, none have been red.

    As a sidenote, I also hoarded some LTs waiting for Wasp to leave latest (she is champed, naturally her covers came in perfectly without the need to save a cover).  36 LTs, probably ended up opening 2 or 3 more with champ rewards, and 4-5 classics.  I did not pull a single Shuri cover.  I did not get a single bonus hero.  Shuri still sits at 318, and Okoye sits at 435. 
  • brollbroll Posts: 4,609 Chairperson of the Boards
    edited November 2018
    504 total currently.

    I've never traded and don't intend to, it's a bad deal.

    My strat:
    2*s I have a duplicate of every character (yes even bagman) and I save up to 50 saved covers then champ and immediately sell and restart.
    3*s Create a dup and save covers.  Haven't determined when I'll start champing them, probably when I either need a boost of resources or once I get to the first 4* cover.. 
    4*s I'm trying not to champ 4*s unless I have to at this point, so I generally have a few building covers.  10 covers will be my champ point, or when they come up in CoT or SHIELD Training.
    5*s As soon as I can champ I will, these are just to save them from dying on the vine.

    Name 1 | Name 2 | Cover 1 | Cover 2 | Cover 3 | Level | Saved Covers

    2*s (412 total):
    Ares Dark Avengers 5 5 3 15 40
    Black Widow Orginal 3 5 5 15 0
    Bullseye Dark Avengers 3 5 5 15 45
    Captain America Steve Rogers 5 3 5 15 3
    Captain Marvel Ms. Marvel 3 5 5 15 44
    Daken Dark Avengers 4 5 4 15 3
    Hawkeye Modern 3 5 5 15 42
    Human Torch Johnny Storm 5 3 5 15 49
    Magneto Marvel NOW! 3 5 5 15 28
    Moonstone Dark Avengers 4 5 4 15 42
    Spider-Man Bag Man 5 3 5 15 10
    Storm Classic 5 4 4 15 45
    Thor Marvel NOW! 3 5 5 15 46
    Wolverine Astonishing X-Men 3 5 5 15 15

    3*s (92 total):
    The Hood Classic 5 5 3 40 17
    Hawkeye Hawkguy 5 3 5 40 16
    Doctor Doom Classic 3 5 5 40 15
    Sentry Dark Avengers 5 4 4 40 12
    She-Hulk Modern 4 4 5 40 11
    Squirrel Girl Unbeatable 5 3 5 40 10
    Thanos Modern 4 4 5 40 5
    Star-Lord Peter Quill 5 5 3 40 5
    The Punisher Dark Reign 5 5 3 40 1

    4*s (13 total):
    Spider-Man Infinity War 5 5 3 209 7
    Emma Frost Astonishing X-Men 5 3 5 213 4
    Dazzler Classic 4 3 5 209 2

    5*s (2 total):
    Black Widow Natasha Romanoff 3 2 5 255 1
    Jean Grey Phoenix 5 5 2 255 1
  • JaedenkaalJaedenkaal Posts: 3,333 Chairperson of the Boards
    Not counting 2*s, 17. One 5* and 16 4*s.
  • dramatistdramatist Posts: 124 Tile Toppler
    With 2*s I’m doing the save 50 and re-maxchamp thing. 

    3*s 2 saved total

    4*s 0 saved total

    Where I have the worst luck is 5*s. 
    5*s 17 saved covers. 
    Hawkeye - 4
    Old Man Logan - 3
    Captain America First Avenger - 2
    Starlord - 2
    Phoenix- 2
    Okoye - 1
    Silver Surfer - 1
    Captain America Infinity War - 1
    Black Widow- 1

    I actually drew a red OML last week to give him cover 13 so I’m waiting for Iso to champ him unless I get lucky with Okoye very soon. 
  • JackTenrecJackTenrec Posts: 723 Critical Contributor
    I managed to get 10 on 2* Daken with 12 covers, and just replicated that streak with 2* Magneto.
  • DFiPLDFiPL Posts: 2,398 Chairperson of the Boards
    Hardly any, because my 4* are all champions except Domino, who's a nice, even, 2/2/3.

    Virtually all of my saves have been at the 2* level, until I'm ready to replant a member of the farm.

    I do have two saves on 5* Loki and one apiece on Wasp and Jean Grey, but that's it above 2* right now.
  • spidyjedi84spidyjedi84 Posts: 213 Tile Toppler
    Each 4-star that isn't champed and has 13 covers averages between 4 and 7 before they move up to the 270 crown. I've made it my mission, however, that I'm leveling up my lower level 4-stars to be at 209 if they have the covers so the damn SHIELD Level events I'll get all the covers of a new character I can upon release. The amount of 4-star covers I get on others might increase in coming weeks (as I don't hoard any LTs), as I have a few 94 level 4-stars to slowly climb the ISO mountain. I've got several 3-stars who were recently sold who just keep collecting covers at 40, until the next 3-star reaches max champ and the max champ gets sold for the ISO and HP to add another roster slot. Right now, my 3-star Cyclops is sitting at 13 covers, just waiting for Kamala or StarLord to reach their final 2-3 covers before I'll dump the 109,000 in him to bring him closer to champ. 
  • helix72helix72 Posts: 125 Tile Toppler
    I have 22 saved covers for Devil Dinosaur. I'm afraid to champ him because he'd automatically become my highest leveled 4*, and I don't want him messing up my match-making. A 292 Devil Dino is a lot different than a 292 Carol.

    Is my fear legit or can I champ him and not be scared?
  • YepyepYepyep Posts: 468 Mover and Shaker
    helix72 said:
    I have 22 saved covers for Devil Dinosaur. I'm afraid to champ him because he'd automatically become my highest leveled 4*, and I don't want him messing up my match-making. A 292 Devil Dino is a lot different than a 292 Carol.

    Is my fear legit or can I champ him and not be scared?
    A 292 DD is useless... But I can't comment on the scaling issue because I have no idea about that...
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