Hallow's Eve

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"Select your most powerful Planeswalker and face other players for the control of the shard of mana. Once locked, your Planeswalker will fight enemy Planeswalkers, and decks crafted by real players, for the duration of the event. The more victories you earn, the more rewards you can win. Reach the top brackets before the event ends and earn the best rewards.

For additional Ribbons, summon Zombie creatures during each battle."
Event Type: PvP
Deck Restrictions: Legacy
Planeswalkers Allowedmanabluepng manablackpng
Rewards: Progression, Placement
Number of Nodes: 1 ( manabluepngmanablackpng)


manabluepngmanablackpng Blue / Black Node
  • Win The Fight!
    • Win the fight against your opponent!
    • Reward: 250 Mana Runes, +4 Personal Score
  • Necromancer
    • Summon 7 or more Zombies
    • Reward: +2 Personal Score
  • Army of the Dead
    • Summon 13 or more Zombies
    • Reward: +1 Personal Score


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