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Domino (X-Force) (10/29/18)

BrigbyBrigby ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 6,591 Site Admin
edited October 2018 in MPQ News and Announcements
Hi Everyone,

"Everything usually works out for Domino. This mutant mercenary subconsciously alters probabilities in the world around her, so luck is literally always in her favors.

Luck aside, Domino is also a world-class marksman and hand-to-hand combatant. She feels right at home on the elite X-Force strike team, lending her skills to the continued defense of mutantkind."

Check out the brand new 4-Star Domino, and find out how you can recruit her onto your roster!

4-Star Rarity (Legendary)
Heroes, X-Men
greentilepng  blacktilepng  

(Abilities listed at level 270, Power Level 5)
Enter the Fray - 7 greentilepng AP
Domino throws herself recklessly into battle, drawing enemy gunfire that will inevitably hit the wrong target and leave her unharmed. Destroys 15 random non-Black basic tiles. (Does not generate AP.)

Knock Them Down - 9  AP
When luck creates an opening, Domino uses her skills to reap the rewards. Destroys half of the Black tiles on the board, dealing 1474 damage for each tile destroyed. Does not generate AP.

Not Just Luck - blacktilepng Passive
Everything's coming up Domino. While Domino's in the fight, every new tile dropped from the top of the board during your turn has a 100% higher chance of being a Black tile.

Full character details coming soon!

Recruit Domino!

S.H.I.E.L.D. Training - Heroes for Hire
  • Starts: 11/1/18, 7:00am EDT
  • Ends: 11/8/18, 7:00am EDT
  • Price: 7000 Hero Points
  • Contents: 
    • Luke Cage (Power Man)
    • Gwenpool (Gwen Poole)
    • 16 Elite Tokens
    • 6 Command Points
    • 20,000 Iso-8
Domino & Friends - Vault
  • Starts: 11/4/18, 8:00am EDT
  • Ends: 11/10/18, 2:00am EDT
  • 80 Items: 
    • 1x Legendary Token
    • 3x Beginner Support Tokens
    • 1x Random Domino (X-Force) Cover
    • 2x Random 4-Stars from the Call for Backup missions (Option of following characters)
      • Dazzler (Classic)
      • Luke Cage (Power Man)
      • Gwenpool (Gwen Poole)
    • 21x 3-Stars
      • 3x Featured
      • 18x Random
    • 52x 2-Stars
      • 10x Featured
      • 42x Random

Event Schedule

Meet Rocket & Groot - Story Event
  • Starts: 11/1/18, 7:00am EDT
  • Ends: 11/6/18, 2:00am EDT
  • Domino (X-Force) in Placement Rewards
S.H.I.E.L.D. Training - Character Release Event
  • Starts: 11/1/18, 7:00am EDT
  • Ends: 11/8/18, 7:00am EDT
  • Rewards tokens to Meet Rocket & Groot, random cover of Domino (X-Force) and more
Simulator - Story Event
  • Starts: 11/5/18, 7:00am EDT
  • Ends: 11/9/18, 2:00am EDT
  • Domino (X-Force) as a Progression Reward
  • Rewards tokens to the Domino & Friends vault
Tough Luck - Versus Tournament feat. Domino
  • Starts: 11/4/18, 8:00am EDT
  • Ends: 11/7/18, 3:00pm EDT
  • Domino (X-Force) as a Progression Reward
  • Rewards tokens to the Domino & Friends vault
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