Rework character selection / roster interface

DeNappaDeNappa Posts: 979 Critical Contributor
Seriously, with 172 characters (and counting!), the game is also in dire need of some UI improvements. Especially if you also take into account that many players have dupe 2*s and 3*s.

It can take forever to find a specific character for your match up, or scroll forever to the back to find that 1* black widow teamup, or for whatever reasons. In my case, I have 201 characters, and I'm sure there's people out there with a lot more.

I'm not a UI designer, but I can think of some requirements:
  • Introduce a 'favourites' feature to flag characters you use very often
  • Give more filtering options, not just * rating, but also strong colors, team association, and 'favourite'
  • Find by name
Any chance of this?

Also, (but unrelated) I still stand by my point that an alliance rework is also way overdue.
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