Stasis Snare and Starfield of Nyx [Investigating]

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Stasis Snare is not exile last opponent creatures when it return to battlefield by Starfield of Nyx.

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    Yeah, this is another wording problem. You can't write on a support "Exile the last opposing creature" and expect this not to cause confusions. 

    Explanation: Since a support is a permanent card (A.k.a has a "lifetime" on the board), they rely on triggers in order for effects to occur. In this situation, there are two major triggers that could be printed on the card:
    1) When Stasis Snare is cast, exile the last opposing creature. - this triggers only when you CAST Stasis Snare from your hand (prior to it entering the battlefield). It would not trigger if it was recursed from the graveyard, fetched from the library and PUT onto the battlefield (instead of going through your hand first).
    2) When Stasis Snare enters the battlefield, exile the last opposing creature. - this triggers when this support enters the battlefield, regardless from where (library, graveyard, as a result of being cast etc.).

    Since Starfield of Nyx puts the card from the graveyard onto the battlefield, and the effect does not trigger, it seems the current implementation is associated with wording option number 1. Paper magic version goes by option 2 and I would certainly prefer that one, but it's up to Oktagon how they translate the card into PQ (but nevertheless, the current wording is incomplete!)
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    Hi everyone. Thanks for reporting this. I'll go ahead and pass this information along to the team for review. 
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