PVE - Make the 5* required character a choice between two 5*

With the 5* pool constantly increasing, classic characters are required once in blue moon. Why not give the player a choice between 2 5* characters? E.G. you need to use either Old Man Logan OR Black Widow in the 

This has an positive impact on several fronts:
- more inclusive since players who have either one of the required 5* characters can tackle the node
- players who have both can choose who they want to fight this battle with and might have a vastly different cover distribution
- HfH stores would carry a cover each for both characters, making it much easier to chase the remaining covers given that you have enough cp



  • Bowgentle
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    They don't want to make things easier.

    Don't have the required 5?
    Spend your hard earned CP.

    This works as intended.