MtGPQ Coalition Forum Rules **Please Read Before Posting**

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In an effort to keep the Coalitions forum running as smoothly and fairly as possible so that all coalitions / groups of coalitions have a chance to be heard, please adhere to the following rules. 
  1. Each coalition and family of coalitions, gets 1 active, general topic in the Coalitions forum. The first post of this topic should be a description of who you are. 
  2. All recruiting for said coalition, or family of coalitions, must be done in their topic or in the "Coalition Looking for a Member? Post here".
  3. No more than 1 active recruitment post per coalition, and 1 active topic for each family of coalitions, in the "Coalition Looking for a Member? Post here" topic.
  4. Do not post in the other stickied topic looking for players "Single Player Looking for Coalition". This topic is for players to find coalitions.
  5. When communicating with players / coalitions from the stickied topics please do so through PM and not in the thread.
  6. Feel free to talk all you want in your coalition's thread; that's what they're there for.
  7. Failure to follow these rules could result in locked/deleted posts/topics and forum warnings.

Some clarification on who can/should be posting where:
  • Coalitions Looking for New Players - Their coalition's topic or in the "Coalitions Looking for Players? Post Here" topic.
  • Players Looking for a Permanent Coalition - A coalition's topic or in the "Single Player Looking for a Coalition? Post Here" topic.

Posting outside these designated areas will result in locked threads, moved posts, deleted threads or posts, and in extreme cases official warnings.

Note: Thanks to MPQ Mod @Ducky -- for your guidance through the MPQ Alliances Thread. 
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