Nissa, Worldwaker: Official Thread

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managreenpng Nissa, Worldwaker managreenpng

(At Level 60)
+3 manawhitepng | +1 manabluepng | -1 manablackpng | +2 manaredpng | +4 managreenpng 
113 HP
Creatures: 6 | Supports: 6 | Spells: 7

"Desperate to save her world, Nissa broke the lock that kept the Eldrazi on Zendikar. Her hope was that the Eldrazi, freed of their confines, would travel out into the Multiverse.

It didn't work."


Whispers of Zendikar - Cost 9
Level 1 - Create a Forest Token.
Level 2 - Create 2 Forest TokensConvert 2 gems to Green.
Level 3 - Create 3 Forest TokensConvert 4 gems to Green.
Level 4 - Create 4 Forest TokensConvert 6 gems to Green.

Worldwake - Cost 12
Level 1 - The first card in your hand gains "Awaken 4: Create 2 Forest Tokens". Create a Worldwake Token under your control.
Level 2 - The first and last cards...
Level 3 - All cards in your hand gain...
Level 4 - Draw 2 cards, then all cards...

Heart of Zendikar - Cost 18
Level 1 - Create a Seedling Ashaya, the Awoken World Token.
Level 2 - Create 2 Seedling Ashaya, the Awoken World Tokens.
Level 3 - Create 3 Ashaya, the Awoken World Tokens.
Level 4 - Create 4 Ashaya, the Awoken World Tokens.


(Green) Creature - Forest Elemental Land (1/1). Haste

(Green) [4 Shield] Support Card - Enchantment. Landfall: Your creatures get +1/+! until end of turn.

Seedling Ashaya, the Awoken World

(Green) Creature - Elemental (1/1). Haste, Trample, Leader: Elemental.

Ashaya, the Awoken World
(Green) Creature - Elemental (2/2). Haste, Trample, Leader: Elemental.
- While this creature is reinforced 6 or more times, it gains Regenerate 2.
- While this creature is reinforced 12 or more times, it gains Hexproof.


  • NinjaE
    NinjaE Posts: 213 Tile Toppler
    Quickly becoming one of my favorite green walkers.
  • morgue427
    morgue427 Posts: 783 Critical Contributor
    has problems, but that is a green thing more than anything really
  • BigSwifty
    BigSwifty Posts: 98 Match Maker
    Probably the strongest mono green walker out there, or at least in my collection. Vivien may be a bit stronger due to the removal. But, yeah, great mana, good hp. Excellent abilities. I love the first and third abilities with the support that explores each time a creature enters the battlefield. Well done!
  • Snappyturtle
    Snappyturtle Posts: 133 Tile Toppler
    Just Path of Discovery and Hangarback Walker. Then draw, draw, draw and draw some more for good measure. Fill with whatever you feel like after that. Current:
    Hangarback Walker(M)
    Path of Discovery(U)
    Journey to Eternity(R)
    Assassin's Trophy(R)
    Nissas' Revelation(M)
    Chord of Calling(M)
    Vivien's Invocation(R)
    Animist's Awakening(R)

    Reclaim(U) or Emergent Growth(C). Depends on what color deck I'll be going up against.