4* PvE Essentials

skittledaddy Posts: 964 Critical Contributor
Is there a public list somewhere showing the current rotation (assuming there even is a somewhat predictable rotation) for the PvE 4* Essentials? I couldn't find one via searching or others' guides.

I have a handful of 4*s stuck at 5/5/2 or 5/4/3 and I'm various pondering my options to getting their 13th covers. Ideally this list would show what color cover is expected, but at the very least I'm curious to know how far away their Essential event is in rotation.

Capt Marvel (I just busted my butt to get her green in IM40's PvP last night, but I still need one more).

I understand new char releases, anniversaries, and other special events will interrupt this rotation, but I'd love to know if I'm 6 events away or closer to 66 events away. I am aware PvP is also an option (and I've been exercising that option when I feel I can) but I'm a far more effective PvE player than PvP.

RNG-Diluted Classic LTs just aren't cutting it for me lately.