Why is this game so bad right now?

Does it have to be this bad?  Is this game being so bad for a purpose?  This game is awful right now,

Okay, on Duel Decks.....

It's the most boring game I have ever played, in all of my video game career.  I started playing games when we bought Pong home.  Duel Decks is more boring than Pong.

The green node requires you to play all common and uncommon cards, that cost 11 or more.  Green's power is all of the low cost cards that pay off with mana gains.  That's greens purpose.  It's a mono deck with very few choices for useful cards, if you want to get the secondaries.

For the first node, both pre-made decks are filled with trash, boring cards, that play bad with each other.  Why make a deck with cards that are that bad? 

This even is not fun especially with those timers, and rewards.

Speaking of rewards, why are we still playing legacy events, with standard decks, with legacy rewards?  Why are we still forced to play with standard decks against Greg with his legacy decks?

Why are standard cards so hard to obtain?  Why is gold so scarce? Why is blue so hard to obtain?  

In short, why is this game so bad right now?