Reset Anniversary vault, or pull last few items?

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My anniversary vault is 93/100 after getting the last of the 4* pulls. Remaining seven items are:

3x 2*
2x 3*
10K iso
Dino red

I initially thought I had to spend 500 to reset the vault regardless, thinking a depleted vault would be the same as post-event. But I'm hearing that it resets fresh after pulling the last item.

If that's true, then I'm wondering about whether it's better to pull the remaining items of low-interest, or reset it now and get essentially 7 more pulls in the new vault (which could wind up being more, or less valuable than the ones above).

I have 12K HP, and was thinking I'd spend more on a post-reset vault. Most likely the 1x daily deal each day, and probably two 10-packs. Plus everything left to earn in the remaining events (not sure how many that is).

If it's an estimated 40 pulls, then it's the difference between 33 and 40 in the new vault. Just not sure how to assess the value of the relative options.


  • Thanos
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    It does not refresh on it's own. Gonna have to pony up to reset it.
  • froggerjohn
    froggerjohn Posts: 368 Mover and Shaker
    Thanks. I had initially heard that it resets after being depleted, but now getting more confirmation that it does indeed always cost HP. Which makes it an easy decision, since I was contemplating the early reset anyway.
  • Kahmon
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    It does not reset on it's own, but once you pull an entire vault the reset cost drops to 0.
  • Pongie
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    I reset mine at 51/100 once all 3 tokens were obtained
  • froggerjohn
    froggerjohn Posts: 368 Mover and Shaker
    Someone else in our alliance also confirmed that it's a free reset cost once depleted. I already paid to reset mine, but it worked out well, since I pulled a Carnage within the first few tokens.

    Obviously the more remaining items once you've obtained the ones of greatest worth, the greater value there is in a paid reset. In my case, the vault contained the only 4* character I was missing, which I considered important enough to wait for. That didn't happen until 93/100, so I found it hard to evaluate when it was no longer worth it to pay 500 HP, when it's about to be free anyway.

    That's the essence of the original question. Still not sure where that threshold point would be, but seems like it's in that vicinity.
  • bbigler
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    Even though it resets for free when depleted, you don't want to waste any pulls.  Once the majority of the "good" prizes are gone, I would reset and continue to pull.  It comes down to probabilities, like many things in this game.  I've pulled 72/100 on my vault, but I won't reset because I have a better chance to pull those good prices now than I did when it started.  This is due to pulling an above average amount of 2*s.  At first, my odds of getting a "good" prize were 29%, but now it's 39%, so I'll keep pulling until that drops below 29%, then I'll reset. 
  • Quebbster
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    I reset once I get the 2900 HP and most of the FF tokens. First vault was reset after 25 pulls, when I had gotten two out of Three tokens and the 2900 HP. Second took 60 pulls Before I got the HP, but at that Point I had gotten all tokens and almost all fourstar covers, so it was an easy decision to reset.