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Update: All the Places of Power Event tokens have been swapped for Anniversary Vault Tokens.
Hi Everyone,

At 12:00 pm EST on October 11th, we will be debuting an all new type of Story event called Places of Power. Places of Power is a non-competitive Alliance event that requires coordination and teamwork to earn the best rewards. 

Doctor Strange has tasked you and your Alliance with protecting six locations of great mystical importance. Each day, each member of the Alliance can choose which of the locations they wish to defend. Take on harder locations to clear tougher Score Targets and earn better rewards!

On the Parent Chapter, locations are grouped by difficulty - Normal (Green), Hard (Yellow), and Deadly (Red). Completing one of these Missions grants access to the location’s Sub-Chapter of the corresponding difficulty, and locks you out of the rest of the Places of Power.

Each Sub-Chapter features a new kind of reward - Alliance Progress Rewards. Each Alliance member in a Sub-Chapter will earn points towards that Sub-Chapter's score. When your Alliance crosses a score threshold for these rewards in a Sub-Chapter, all members of your Alliance participating in the Event receive that reward - even if they're not in that Sub-Chapter.

An Alliance coordinating efficiently can send different players to multiple locations, in order to bring back the maximum amount of rewards for the Alliance. Be careful, though - stretch your roster too thin and you won't be able to earn the best rewards in each Sub-Chapter.

To help you coordinate, located below each mission in the parent chapter is an indicator that shows you how many of your Alliance members have joined each location, as well as how many points your Alliance has earned towards the Alliance Progression rewards in that location. New locations and new rewards are available every day.


Alliance Event

  • You will need to join or start an Alliance to participate in this event.
  • Please be careful when switching Alliances before this event. Before you start playing, you’ll be asked if you want to play this event with your current Alliance members.
  • This event is for 20 players.
    • The first 20 people to join the event with a specific Alliance are locked in with those 20 people for the duration of the event.
    • If you join the event and there are 20 people already grouped up for the event, you will join the event separate from the other 20 people.
  • Players earn individual Progression Rewards in the main Places of Power event.
  • Each member of the Alliance contributes points towards Alliance Progress rewards in their specific Sub-Chapter.
  • When your Alliance reaches the score for an Alliance Progress Reward in a Sub-Chapter, that reward is given to every member of the Alliance in the Places of Power event, regardless of if they’re also in that Sub-Chapter or not.


  • Double Iso-8

Parent Chapter

  • Lists individual progression rewards.
  • Contains six missions.
    • Two missions for each difficulty.
      • Normal: (Levels 50-170)
      • Hard: (Levels 110-225)
      • Deadly: (Levels 200-370)
    • New missions are available for each difficulty each day.
    • Join a location’s Sub-Chapter by completing its mission.
      • All other locations are then locked.
      • All locations unlock at the beginning of each day.
      • Each player can choose a different location (but should coordinate with Alliance to maximize rewards!)
  • Each location lists how many players are defending that locations and how many points has been contributed to the location’s score.


  • Lists the Alliance progression rewards
  • Points earned are contributed to the location score
  • Is available for 24 hours.
  • Contains twelve missions
    • Nine normal missions and three required missions
    • Each mission can be completed four times for points and mission rewards.
    • Missions do not regenerate points over time.

Reward Tables

Event Stores

  • Places of Power Vault
    • 80 items
      • 1x Legendary token
      • 3x Beginner Supports tokens
      • 1x featured 4-Star cover
      • 2x random 4-Star covers
      • 3x featured 3-Star covers
      • 18x random 3-Star covers
      • 10x featured 2-Star covers
      • 42x random 2-Star covers
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