Purple square on skill usage [Edited]

When some skills are used I see big purple square in middle of screen instead of regular animations.

Skills affected by this:
- Yelena: Payback Mission
- Storm (Modern): Mistress of Elements

- Venom: Symbiote Snare


  • IceIX
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    What device are you using? We've been unable to reproduce this on iOS and a half dozen Android devices so far (but many many more of the latter to go).
  • Google Nexus 4 with Android 4.3.
    Reremnu tried it on the same phone, but with modified Android and for him animations were correct.

    Resetting game did not help. Resetting the phone made it even worse, now Venom's Symbiote Snare causes game to shut down.
    I will try reinstalling the game in a moment.

    Picture 1
    Picture 2
  • IceIX
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    Neat (and not in a good way). I would presume those textures were placeholder, except that any of those would be solid and not with the gradient effect you're seeing.
  • After all I decided not to uninstall the game just couple hours before end of Heroic in case of even bigger troubles, hence I did it just now. Everything works fine, so I guess downloading the latest patch over poor wifi must have corrupted some files earlier. Lesson learnt icon_e_smile.gif