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My idea is to add more important characters from the Marvel Universe by replacing some repeated ones.
Dr.Octopus > Omega Red
Thor ** > Electro
Bag-Man > Lizard-Man
Star-Lord 5* > Adam Warlock
Thanos 3 > MODOK
Venom 4* > AntiVenom
Daken > White Tiger
Wolverine 4* > Sabretooth
Hawkeye 3* > Bishop
Spider-Man > Shocker
B.Widow 2* > Moonstar
Magneto > Mysterio  
Human Torch > Super Skrull
Gambit > Hyperion
Iron Fist 4* > Hercules
Storm > Songbird
B.Panther > Sunspot


  • JHawkIncJHawkInc Posts: 1,806 Chairperson of the Boards
    That would be a tad disastrous.

    I get the desire to see more characters in the game (though I disagree that all of your additions would qualify as "more important"), but variants are important as well. Some provide access to characters at lower tiers (you're never going to trade a Spider-Man for Shocker, because Spidey is more popular), and some provide options to other versions of characters (I don't know which Storm you want to replace with Songbird, but people are fans of each style of Storm, and removing one is going to upset people; same with Wolverine fans who like the X-Force version, or having an Eddie Brock version of Venom. Speaking of Eddie, he's not repeated in the first place. 4* Venom is the only Eddie Brock in the game. And you're never going to drop a 5* version of an MCU character (Star-Lord) for anyone, even someone as requested as Adam Warlock. The whole reason we have a 5* Star-Lord is because the movie makes the character popular, the popularity encourages people to chase the character, and that's what funds the game. Adam Warlock could do that as a comic character, but not enough to give up an MCU character.

    And then there's the logistics of HOW you're replacing them. If you're just swapping the art, it would be relatively easy, but why bother? Nobody is going to want an Adam Warlock that plays like a slightly better version of a 3* Star-Lord. Human Torch's powers don't show off all of what Super Skrull can do. Hawkeye's powers don't have much to do with Bishop at all. And if you're going to give everyone new powersets, why not just create new characters, and leave all of the current ones alone?

    I get the intent, to increase the variety of characters, but this doesn't really accomplish that, especially not in a way that's worth what you'd be taking OUT of the game.
  • MissoesRicRoseMissoesRicRose Posts: 199 Tile Toppler
    Programmers could make an experiment. Trade Dr.Octopus for Omega Red.
  • Rio_dRio_d Posts: 5 Just Dropped In
    Who the tinykitty is "Lizard Man"?
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