What is your favorite event, and why?



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    Brigby said:
    jimpark said:
    Is there a deadline for this?
    No deadline!
    Okay thanks!
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    Whatever event yields the best reward per time spent feels the best for me :) 
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    For me a world reborn and journey through history are favorites.
    They're not time intensive and still give good rewards. They dont have annoying objectives or opponents that with bad luck can take you out at a whim.
    Time is my most important feedback point. 
    I don't want to play the events that take hours a day, over the whole weekend, to finish. Like B4T, or The dragon war to a lesser extent. 
    If the last charge also drops in the middle of work... 

    Objectives... I'd really like if they weren't forcing you to play super slow.  Matches taking ages to complete are annoying. 
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    The ones that work without bugs or freezes or SWW.
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    I really enjoyed The Dragon Wars. PvP with a twist. 
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    can someone link me to the comment or post that had the list of all events of MTGPQ? I saw it somewhere before but I cant find it. Thanks in advance!
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    rafalele said:
    A World Reborn, A Journey Through History parts 1-4 and Across Ixalan. 

    Also training grounds is needed, but it would be perfect if I could choose everyday between Sandard or Legacy or even better play it in both ways everyday.

    What I like most of the events I have chosen is that almost every battle can be done in a few minutes, what it is what I expect in a mobile game and rewads are worth enough.

    Also I like Emrakuls Corruption and Terrors in Shadows. Rewards could be improved a little in legacy events o:) .
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    A Journey Through History would have been my answer previously, but right now, I'm totally enamored with Rising Tensions!  :)
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    Saw this, decided to give my opinion

    I prefer PvP over PvE, because PvP requires improvisation and rewards clever deck building.  You can't just construct the "standard level deck" using the coalition "cheat sheet"(If you're fortunate to have one, otherwise from the one you built up from prior practice with the boss).  PvE also relies on single-strategy enemies and preposterous boss life allocations.

    As for which specific event: Current favourite is the Rising Tensions event, due to the excellent rewards and the need to use multiple planeswalkers(i.e. you can't simply dump Liliana in with your best black deck).

    Of the free PvP events, I'd say Dragon War.  It's structured in a very similar way with an added bilateral bonus (or hindrance, depending on how you see it).  The objectives are more realistic (Mightstone at power 5 instead of the usual 6!) Also, it's a coalition event.

    As to PvE, I prefer playing Avacyn's Madness to any others I have encountered.  The boss levels can be realistically beaten and the grind isn't mind-numbing.

    Nodes of Power is OK, but can be improved by colour-locking the usable cards in the nodes(so that if, for example, Sorin is put into the White node, he can't play with a Black deck)

    Now, as to my least favourite events.

    Of the PvP events: Broken events (Hour of Destruction, Zendikar-Eldrazi)

    Even if Zendikar-Eldrazi worked perfectly, it would still be biased towards the Eldrazi, as it can play with everything but green.  Nissa can only play with green and colourless.

    HOD also has a problem in addition to being broken: If you happen to have the PW du jour, you score big.  If you don't, and don't want to buy it(personal priorities, you think that that PW is not great, etc.), welcome to the middle rungs.

    Of the working events, Trial of the Planes is probably the worst.  Straight waste of mana crystals, rewards don't merit the participation cost.

    Of the PvE events: RotGP.  It comes across as a severely nasty bastardisation of Avacyn's Madness designed to annoy and bore you simultaneously.

    Bonus events such as Hallow's Eve are always welcome, and I would like to see more of them.

    Some thoughts:

    If the Zendikar-Eldrazi duel decks format can be fixed, there is no reason to keep playing these two against each other.  Why not use the duel decks format to let people try out new planeswalkers which are being promoted - at maximum level(for example, recently you could have featured Tezzeret vs Arlinn Kord).  This will certainly put the event at the top of my rankings!

    Why not make an event similar to HOD but with three open nodes, basically removing the "compulsory planeswalker" aspect.  I for one would like this a lot.

    Have you considered giving away planeswalkers as prizes?  I'm thinking of old veterans such as Koth or Angrath, which newer players will otherwise never have a chance of getting.

    Also, why not look through your list at some "legacy" events which are no longer being featured and put them into the roster (unless there was a very good reason for removing them).  Even RotGP would be far less obnoxious if it only came around once a year.

    And think about drastically varying boss strategies in the more regular PvE events - maybe the guys in the "cheat sheet" rut will dust off their brains and work out their own strategy for the levels!

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    Cheat sheets? That sounds like we'd help our players exploit. All there is are crowdsourced informations about the decks and abilities - nothing that a single player couldn't set up for himself. And for the new players.. Yes, we have some players who took it upon themselves to explain what basic strategies are successful to give them a small competitive advantage. The best part? They're no secret. Everyone can join our Slack - everyone on Slack has access to them. We also share the sheets outside our group when asked for it. I find it very unfair to accuse people of cheating, just because they are better organized. Particularly, when they are not even make a secret out of it.

    To the topic :I don't have a favorite event. I like events that feel fresh - the more often an event was played, the less appealing it is.
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    Apologies for causing offense.  It was not intended, I have just heard "how to win level x.y of event whatever" information regularly referred to as "cheat sheets" by users thereof.

    What I was getting at was that the repetitive sameness of every boss's play(and usually the objectives as well)  in every event iteration is what permits compiling of such information, or memorisation thereof, and was arguing against this unimaginative repetition.

    I was not stating that the compilation and use of such strategy data (if you prefer that term) should be considered as cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct!  Had I held that opinion, I would have stated it unequivocally.

    I do not.  I don't think anyone does - if you consider use of such information, however compiled, as cheating, you had better stop playing an event if you lose a level, because now you "unfairly" know the boss gimmick.  If not, you're cheating too.

    To anyone who felt insulted by my previous post, my intention was not to accuse any player or coalition of cheating.  I apologise for any misunderstanding caused.
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    Check, no damage done! Although it's really not possible for a "stranger from the internet" to actually offend me ; I just had the feeling that this specific wording transfers a quite toxic image. Your point about the repetition is correct - to me, every match is a puzzle. Knowing the solution in and out makes the puzzle boring.

    By the way : the sheets help the most at the very first run of an event when the full group participates together and discusses the cards they've seen, the ais strategies and their solutions. Our Slack analytics thingy actually showed a huge spike every time there was a new pve event. New events bring the community together, which is really cool.
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    Hey, one never knows, online these days having changed so much! I'll use "strategic data" instead going forward, seeing as the other one can cause misunderstanding.

    Yes - I was hoping for something new too, if only to revitalise my coalition and maybe get the guys who have stopped entering interested again. (I'm not talking about the leeches, who enter, don't play and collect an undeserved reward - but that's another story)