Okoye doesn't add damage to friendly Team-Up powers [Investigating]

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Okoye's "Wakanda Forever!" power states:
Damage from friendly powers is increased by ...  for each Team-Up AP you have

But I noticed that this damage is not added when firing a Team-Up power.

If I have 20 TU AP, and fire a TU power for 10 AP, I expect that power to be boosted by the remaining 10 AP. However, no damage is added at all.

(Noticed this multiple times over the current PVE event with Okoye boosted)

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    The text for Kamala Khan's "Bring Out the Best" reads: (PASSIVE) Kamala's can-do attitude keeps her fighting and inspires everyone around her. Whenever an ally fires a power, Ms. Marvel gives the team a burst of 110 health.

    Bring Out the Best procs from Team-Up powers being used, ergo, Team-Up powers are clearly considered ally or "friendly" powers, therefore, Okoye's "Wakanda Forever" should boost the damage from a Team-Up power.

    As it does not, and I know it does not because I've also tested it myself, this IS a bug.

    It's not like fixing this bug will make Okoye OP. Yes, she's ridiculously fun to use, but since the Great Gambit Nerf of 2018 there are no longer any characters any more significantly OP than every other character. There are definitely some 5* characters that are bottom of dung heap, but their sorry state does not make Okoye or any other 5* OP.
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    It's not like fixing this bug will make Okoye OP. 
    Actually, you're sacrificing raw bonus damage that you would have gotten in future power activations (by TU power cost x bonus damage). 

    Usually, you want to keep those TU AP banked. However, in some situations it may be strategically advantageous to spend some AP and lose part of that bonus. E.g. to take out an enemy who just gained enough AP to fire a nasty power.

    The main reason I was triggered to post this bug report is a match I fought against Sentry; he had gathered enough AP to fire 'Supernova' and I expected to take him down by firing a Team-Up power. The team-up by itself was not enough to kill him but with the bonus damage it would have been enough. (Unfortunately had to eat that Supernova)
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    Agreed. That's why I almost never use my Team Ups when I'm using Okoye, because that bonus damage is just too great of an advantage to give up, especially if you're running someone like Medusa with her.
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    Should her black boost TU abilities? Currently it doesn't. Also it doesn't boost damage from 5* Panthers back ability.
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    The first one is listed in the bug status thread as 'investigating'.

    The second one sounds like a bug too.

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    Didn't see a report on this one yet; 

    From Kitty's Circuit breaker passive description:
    If no enemy special tiles are on the board, this tile destroys itself and deals X damage.
    I noticed in the current 5essential node several times; when the 'damage part' of triggers, Okoye's passive doesn't boost it. Ran her with 5Thor and Okoye, and had a lot of TU AP in the bank.
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    Thanks for reporting. The team is aware of this issue and is currently investigating. 
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    This issue is still occurring. It’s been three years, how’s that investigation coming along? 😉
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    My guess is that we are in “known shippable” status on this one at this point