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When I look at the supports, how do I tell which character they are attached to?

Steve111Steve111 Posts: 121 Tile Toppler
edited September 2018 in MPQ Supports Discussion
On clicking the supports tab, all I can see it the level of the support and what it does, not who it is attached to. Shouldn’t this info be available on each support? 


  • AsmodaeusAsmodaeus Posts: 99 Match Maker
    As of right now, the only ways (that I'm aware of) to tell which character a support is equipped to is to A: manually check each characters profile in the roster screen and B: try and equip a support to a character. If it's already attached to someone else it will give that info in a prompt as to whom it's currently on and ask if you still wanna equip it to the new character. 

    I would have to agree that giving this info on the support itself would be helpful
  • Smart80Smart80 Posts: 748 Critical Contributor
    Is this perhaps being worked on? I really would like to have a little better overview on whats where..
  • Steve111Steve111 Posts: 121 Tile Toppler
    I wish that supports were more user friendly and easier to track
  • pinolespinoles Posts: 27 Just Dropped In
    This has been asked for a few times.

    I just added (another) request for this at  feature https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/77193/supports-which-character-has-this-support-equipped/

    Perhaps the more views/likes/replies it gets, the higher on the radar it will go?

    (I think that possibly - given how many people have just given up on supports - requests don't get that much traction since people maybe aren't engaging in forum posts on the topic.)
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