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Inspired by @jackstar0 thread on wanting some new minions to battle, I figured why not go a step further and create a new event? Give us details of the story, how many days, what sort of event it is and what new characters are featured/who is the release character!

Days of Future Past

PvE event (4 days) with Boss element (think Strange Sights).

Launch Character: Kitty Pryde (Days of Future Past) 4* Tier

Goons: Alpha Sentinels, Omega Sentinels, Guard Sentinels, Nimrod class mini boss

Boss: Master Mold

Powered Up: X-Men ( all tiers), Nick Fury, Agent Coulson

Essential 2* Storm
Essential 3* Colossus
Essential 4* Kitty Pryde
Essential 5* Old Man Logan

Minion Enemies: Sentinels, Nimrod, Mutates, SHIELD agents.

Day 1 (48 hour sub)

In the future, following an upsurge in Anti-Mutant rhetoric the US Government created the Sentinel program (robotic Police forces armed with specialist equipment to track and detain Mutants and other super powered targets) to try and control the Mutant population. However, The Sentinels have transcended their programming and turned on their masters. The few mutants left remaining are mostly detained in containment camps. However, the mutant known as Wolverine has evaded capture and now seeks to free his fellow mutants from captivity.

Features: Final hard node mode features Nimrod class mini boss.

Day 2

Having fought his way into the detention center, Wolverine discovers that his remaining X-Men have hatched an audacious plan for using Sentinel technology to send Kitty Pryde back in time in a dramatic attempt to try and alter history and change the future! To do so though, they will have to stop the mutant shapeshifter Mystique from infiltrating SHIELD and assassinating Nick Fury! The trouble is she is turning SHIELD on the X-Men along side her Mutate soldiers! Can Kitty and her past team mates stop mystique and stop the terrible events of the future?

Enemies: Mutates, SHIELD agents, Mystique, Juggernaut.

Day 3

Kitty returns from the past hoping that her actions have changed things to find the X-Men involved in a last ditch stand against the Sentinels and their terrible leader, Master Mold!

Enemies: Sentinels, Ninrod, Master Mold.

Special Boss Level: Master Mold - Note: Master Mold has massive health, special powers and a game over countdown.

Master Mold has learned of Kitty's journey to the past and the resulting time ripples threaten to wipe it out as history re-orders itself. It is determined to destroy all mutandkind before that happens and the X-Men must fight their way through the terrible fortress that is Sentinel base to stop it before it can launch a nuclear assault on mutant kind and the very Earth itself!

Boss Battle: Master Mold creates a 10 turn countdown, it cannot be matched or destroyed but can be delayed, that will launch a nuclear weapon strike ending the game! Once Master Mold is reduced to half health, the timer on the countdowns will be reduced by 1 round (2 in CL9). If the countdowns resolve then Master Mold automatically wins and the world is destroyed in nuclear fire. Master Mold also gathers AP by matching tiles and can deliver an AOE force blast attack and also can neutralize a players teams powers for 3 turns (this does not affect match damage and invisible and airbourne characters are immune). It has a 3 round cooldown. 

Days of Future: If the heroes succeed, they are left with an uncertain future but one which they can now rebuild - awards an additional random Kitty Pryde Cover.

Days of Future No More: The heroes have been defeated. Try again but Master Mold's health increases by 25% and countdowns are reduced to 8 rounds!


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    Just reading this was great fun!
    Would love to see it in the game. Devs take notes please!
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