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Could someone please help me out with some questions on RISO and Supports?

I'm not exactly sure what the RISO is for. I know it levels up the support, but what exactly does that DO?

You can't level up to a new star level. (I think you can only do that with a duplicate cover, right?)

Does it increase the power of the support? For example, if you have a support that increases the damage of red matches, does it increase that damage if you level it using RISO?

Sorry... SO CONFUSED. All I know is they're giving us more RISO now. Yay?


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    You are correct star levels can only be increased by drawing that level of support token (i.e. if you have a 1* support you can't increase it to a 2* by drawing another 1* version of that support, you need to draw the 2* version).

    Leveling a support usually increases the probability a particular action will happen or increase the damage level. You can see what types of increase is possible in the following section of the forums:

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    You increase the Ranking of support by getting another one which has a higher ranking. If you get the same support with the same or lower ranking than your current one, it becomes a dupe.

    You increase the strength of the perks of the support by using Riso. The maximum level of your support is capped by its Ranking.

    Support Capped Level
    Rank 1 = 50
    Rank 2 = 100
    Rank 3 = 150
    Rank 4 = 200
    Rank 5 = 250

  • JustonescarfJustonescarf Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    Thank you to the both of you! Especially for the link.
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