Simulator SR to SCL Needs Adjustment

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I normally play SCL 6 or 7 for PVE events.  When I don’t have the 4* essential, I play SCL 5 when I want Top 50 rewards. 

I dropped down to SCL 4 for Simulator because I find it to be the hardest PVE story to play, regardless of whether I have all the essential characters or not.             

I know I’ve said it a few times on the forum that SR to SCL needs to be readjusted.  However, I think it needs repeating, particularly in regards to Simulator event.  Here’s why.

On SCL 4, the “enemies” are at level 125 in 3* essential node.  My Modern Captain Marvel is boosted to 291 with her health at 17, 860.  I ran her with Star-Lord (Peter Quill), boosted to 281 and health of 15,603 and Hawkguy, boosted to 274 with health of 15,188. 

In 3* essential, second day mini event, you battle SWitch, CStorm, and IW Spidey.  IW Spidey did, and I am not exaggerating, 10,000 damage all at once to Star Lord when he fired off his proportional punch.  I survived because of how high Star Lord is boosted.   I was so shocked when I saw a level 125 “enemy” doing that kind of damage.  That is something I see on SCL 6/7 and not SCL 4.   If I was at the SR that first allows entry (SR 15, I think) to SCL 4, I would not have survived and I would not be able to complete the nodes.  I most likely would not be able to finish the event.    

Allow me to explain from a different angle. 

When I don’t have 4* essential character, I have rarely dropped down to SCL 4.  I placed between Top 20 to 30 if I play optimally.  I don’t have Dazzler, so I am not playing those nodes for this particularly Simulator event. 

I placed Top 10 for the first mini event.  Second day, when I was done with my clears, I saw my ranking.  I was eighth overall and ninth for the mini-event.  I don’t know about others, but whatever my ranking is when I am done with the first four clears is a really good indicator of what my placement will be for the event/mini-event.  Something is clearly off if I am placing that high without having the 4* essential.    I have never placed that high when lacking the 4* essential (even for new releases), no matter the SCL I’ve played. 



  • AlexRAlexR Posts: 142 Tile Toppler
    Simulator is definitely a harder PvE, but I really don't get what that has to do with the Shield Rank unlock levels. You want to prevent players from playing higher SCLs alltogether because you placed too high? What? I really don't understand.

    Or because it did 10k damage at SCL 4? 10k damage at SCL 4 is very very high and will probably insta-kill a character, sure. But that to me just sounds like "maybe needs adjustment to not do 10k damage at SCL 4" rather than "lock people out of SCL 4 until they have boosted 3* champs!!"

    If your point is "Simulator is way hard at low SCLs where you have limited roster options", I agree with you. If your point is "Simulator needs to be easier, because the difficulty doesn't match what SCL 4 enemies should be able to do", then I see where you're coming from. But how you get "adjust SR" out of that, I simply don't get.

    Not all people play for placement, so if they take longer or skip nodes, that may not be a deal breaker if they're simply going for SCL 4 progression goals. And if you're just playing for, say, the 3* in progression in SCL 4, than that actually makes a difference-- because in SCL 4 you only need half progression for it, which is doable with skipping some nodes alltogether and missing the 4* essential. In SCL 3 you need full progression for the 3* reward which is difficult without optimal play (assuming you're lacking the 4* essential, which you will at SCL 4).
    I really, really don't get the obsession over wanting to adjust early SR unlock levels to forcibly lock people out; surprise, surprise: whatever you perceive as the correct SR levels to do those things in is not necessarily true for all players. If you actually play SCL 4 with boosted champed 3* just for placement, than you're picking your SCLs extremely extremely conservatively. Not all people do or want that.
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    For what it's worth, I was also surprised by the amount of damage that Iron Spidey did (in SCL 7).  So the next pass at that node, I targeted him first and didn't let him use that power.

    But I agree with @AlexR - if the character is doing too much damage, and I'm not convinced that he is, then the solution is to reduce the damage, not restrict the number of players who can face him.
  • HoundofShadowHoundofShadow Posts: 1,785 Chairperson of the Boards
    It looks like an isolated case where you allowed Iron Spidey to put out too many web tiles. Get some tiles destructor or stun-damage him. The only thing I was surprised is that he took 1 damage from my IM40's Unibeam. 
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