Plant bugs from Dowsing Dagger

I have been playing a ton of Dowsing Dagger and noticed many bugs with the indestructible weeds it makes.

The main issue seems to be that they are not considered a creature. Ever. 

This may be due to how tokens are treated in this game, I'm not sure. 
Here's a list of ways this is impacted:

  1. Cannot copy with Mirror Image. This was my first goal and then I found out how awful it was. It's a token though, so I get it.
  2. Cannot buff the plant unless you specifically target or globally buff it. This became most evident in Battle of the Four Tribes against the 2.2 fight; Tishana, Voice of Thunder. Her first ability is "Elder's Advice" which is draw a card then your first creature gets +X/+X  where X is number of your cards in your hand. She used this many times against me and it never buffed the plant. She was able to buff it other ways, but this had an animation then did nothing. 
  3. Cannot (easily) exile with Isolate. The only way I've been able to exile this, because Isolate is indirect, is if they have no other creatures. Even if they have 1 other creature that is a token or has a standard CMC, it ignores the plant until it is the last one. You'd assume it should get exiled first, because tokens have a converted mana cost of 0. 
Those seem to be the main ones.


  • Mburn7
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    The token converted mana cost thing is a big issue for a number of card effects.  It isn't just the plant token that is bugged.

    Tishana's ability almost never works properly.  I feel like it should buff at least once before stopping, though.
  • Modest_Supreme
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    The destroy trigger for both Transmogrifying Wand and Vaevictis Asmadi do not destroy the plant.  But Vona, Butcher of Magan's destroy trigger does.
  • Tombstone
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    Hi everyone, the issue with the Tokens not being destroyed is an issue that the team is aware of and investigating. This is due to an issue with the newer cards that have the Destroy effect.

    As far as the plant tokens not being creatures, they should be considered to be creatures. Mirror Image wouldn't work on them due to it adding a copy of the target creature to your hand, and you can't add tokens to your hand.