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  • JackTenrec
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    Depending on cover distribution, 6-7 covers is where I tend to try to start using new characters (I will also level them to whatever their max level is at the time, which usually isn't a ridiculous resource hit like champing).  The DDQ Big Enchilada node is particularly suited for this.
  • spidyjedi84
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    DAZ0273 said:
    The iso will be gone before you know it and you will find there never seems to be enough - the 4* level champing is brutal for iso costs, hence why cover save is such a game changer at that level and above.
    The number of covers I now throw into saved, knowing when I finally get a hero champed, the payoff is so going to be worth it have definitely improved my QoL in this game. A 3-star GSBW I sold months ago for ISO to champ a 4-star is now sitting at 19 saved covers on top of the 13 required for top level, and just waiting for my next 3-star hero  to hit 266 (most likely Hawkguy), so they are sold for the ISO and HP rewards. 
    So many 4-star covers I draw I don't just fret about do I need the 1,000 ISO or keep the character on the vine? Now it's "I'm so glad to be getting  a legendary token once you are eventually champed. I'm sitting at 12 heroes with 13 covers now, so it's choosing who is next up the ISO slog to 270 mountain.