Banner do over

The Hulk
Bruce Banner

Health: banner and hulk each have a unique and persistent health pool if either dies, they both die
Banner: 35000 health
Hulk: 60000 health

Pink, blue, black as banner
Green, blue, black as hulk

As hulk all match damage increases and he also gains green as his strong color along with purple, banner does not have green as a color strength


8 ap
Gamma ray experiment
Always searching for knowledge of how hulk came to be, banners scientific exploits often lead to unexpected findings. Places a 2 turn countdown tile that reduces the level of the chosen characters powers by 2
Level 2: 3 turn countdown
Level 3: reduce powers by 3 levels
Level 4: also deals 2000 damage to the chosen chatacter each turn
Level 5: 4 turn countdown, reduce powers by 4 (all powers to level 1)

Smartest guy in the room
Not being particularly well versed in fist fights banner puts his mind to work to assist from the sidelines. If you have at least 8 blue ap banner removes 1 enemy attack, protect, or strike tile at the beginning of each turn and drains 1 blue from his team's ap.
Level 2: 7 ap required
Level 3: also steals 1 random enemy ap
Level 4: 6 ap required
Level 5: also stuns a random enemy for 1 turn

Level head
Banner knows he can sway the fight to the favor of his allies, as long as he keeps the other guy at bay and keep a level head. If one does not exist, create a fortified green 3 turn repeater tile. If banner loses more than 25 percent of his total health or this tile is destroyed before the timer resolves he is stunned for 1 turn then turns into the hulk. If the tile resolves it refortifies itself and creates 1 strength 500 attack, strike, or protect tile
Level 2: strength 600 tile
Level 3: strength 700 tile
Level 4: creates 2 strength 700 tiles
Level 5: fortifies created tiles


10 ap
Hulk loses control smashing everything around  him, only vaguely focusing on the enemies. Deals 15000 to the enemy team and 6000 to allies
Hulk destroys 4 random basic tiles at the beginning of each turn, tiles do not generate ap.
Level 2: 17000 damage to enemies
Level 3: 20000 damage to enemies
Level 4: 4000 ally damage, 6 tiles destroyed
Level 5: 25000 damage to enemies

8 ap
Hulk clap
Hulk claps his hands in a display of frustration sending out a powerful concusive blast knocking back friend and foe alike. Stun every character but hulk for 1 turn, deal 1000 damage to the enemy team, 1000 damage to allies
Level 2: 1500 damage to enemies
Level 3: 2500 damage to enemies
Level 4: stuns for 2 turns
Level 5: stuns one random enemy for 4 turns

Embrace the anger
It's only a matter of time before the rage dies down as hulk clutches desperately to the anger that feeds him. When hulk comes into play create a 4 turn purple countdown tile. While this tile is on the board, at the beginning of each turn convert a random pink tile into a strength 500 purple strike tile and a random basic tile to a strength 500 enemy attack tile. When the timer resolves or is destroyed hulk returns to banner form and is stunned for 1 turn. If hulk has 30 percent of his life taken away the timer resets.
Level 2: strength 600 strike tile
Level 3: 5 turn countdown
Level 4: countdown is fortified
Level 5: 7 turn countdown

This is my take on banner/hulk. I wanted to make them a fearsome duo, someone you really have to contemplate if that 75 points is worth it. Who can destroy teams but puts your own team in jeapordy with his mindless rage. And he isn't terrible like what we have now.

Some numbers could probably be adjusted up or down, but it seems mostly solid to me. I welcome any feedback though.

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