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Who would you team your Okoye with?

MinoxMinox Posts: 36 Just Dropped In
So I have a single 5* champ: Okoye.

I was wondering if it’s better to play her with a great 4* (Medusa) even when not boosted or to go with the weekly boosted chars?

This week Peggy is a pretty clear favourite, but sometimes I wonder if it wouldn’t be faster to just pvp with Medusa considering how fast matches can go.



  • QubortQubort Posts: 203 Tile Toppler
    A boosted Peggy with Okoye will allow you to one hit most characters you'll be  playing against in your MMR.  
  • QuebbsterQuebbster Posts: 7,976 Chairperson of the Boards

    Peggy is absolutely a good pick. Okoye boosts the damage from each of her blue countdowns, so the two of them should pump out a lot of damage together.

    On offense Medusa may be faster, but Okoye/Medusa is a lot more tempting to hit on defense. Since Peggy is boosted she will have more Health, thus taking longer to take out, especially if you also factor Strange's passive into the whole thing.

  • Dartmaster01Dartmaster01 Posts: 632 Critical Contributor
    edited September 2018

    3* Thanos/Medusa is a good option on non-essentials. For essentials I would go with whoever has the cheapest damage ability. The damage itself doesn't matter as that comes from Okoye, so cheap aoe or super-cheap single target. You just have use your imagination with Okoye, she makes so many terrible characters viable. Just try to think through who could benefit from her the most.

    Medusa is my personal fav though, just not the fastest option.

  • AXP_ismeAXP_isme Posts: 417 Mover and Shaker
    I guess you just want characters that can double, triple or more dip on her damage increases. People like human torch in the 3* tier who has his green and black at the beginning and end of the turn respectively. Or antman in the 4* tier with his yellow and purple triple dipping.
    Another alternative is characters whose damage is split across multiple countdowns. 2* hawkeye might be good if you had a way to engineer match-5s or squirrel girl’s green. I saw x-force Deadpool and Drax as a pairing in another thread which also sounds really promising. Peggy’s blue fits here quite nicely. 
    Basically any characters who deal their damage in discrete parcels rather than in one big chunk (ahem, ahem, Valkyrie) makes a good partner for Okoye as far as I can see. 
  • PainmongerPainmonger Posts: 57 Match Maker
    Personally, I pair her with XFDP pretty regularly for PvP, also a 6 cover 5* Thor. For non essential nodes I played with Valkyrie & 3* Punisher or Vulture, or Drax with 4*Lord or Wasp. 3* Thanos & Daken are also fun, but can be heal intensive if the fights end before you have the yellow to top Okoye off. Peggy being boosted right now makes her a great choice, too. Honestly, Okoye gets the gold star for "plays well with others" since she pretty much makes everyone boosted all the time!
  • Dartmaster01Dartmaster01 Posts: 632 Critical Contributor
    Doh, just saw you were talking pvp. I would go Peggy or best boosted option. Medusa would win easy enough but you would be an easy target on defense.
  • pheregaspheregas Posts: 986 Critical Contributor
    Strange is awesome.  Just match TU tiles and dare the AI to cast something.
  • beyonderbubbeyonderbub Posts: 632 Critical Contributor
    4GRocket and Medusa for Shield Simulator
  • Tell_my_wife_helloTell_my_wife_hello Posts: 4 Just Dropped In
    Valkyrie is great paired with okoye. Her red can clear entire teams with enough TU ap and she lets okoye tank all their colors. Wasp also works well with okoye. Anybody with cheap damage works well. Medusa is probably your best bet as long as you keep her hiding behind okoye, just go after TU ap and the fight's over before you realize it.
  • HilkHilk Posts: 81 Match Maker
    1) Anyone who does damage every turn...
           BB 5*
     2) people with low cost powers .. C&D + venom (also attack tile)
     3) multi shots - Valk... BSSM (5*) 

    i found a nice nice combo of BSSM, Vulture, Okoye... Vulture launches, - generating green and blue, BSSM Green stuns and makes him invisible - leaving Okoye always up front (or most of the time)
  • BlackBoltRocksBlackBoltRocks Posts: 2,237 Chairperson of the Boards
    vs goons: Black Bolt and 5* Strange

    vs non-goons: GladiaThor and Jessica
  • TDejaAuthorTDejaAuthor Posts: 21 Just Dropped In
    I've been pairing my Okoye with Kamala Khan.....
  • HoserHoser Posts: 25 Just Dropped In
    Strange and America 
  • jtmageejtmagee Posts: 141 Tile Toppler
    I tried Deadpool and Drax for the first time in Sim with my underleveled Okoye. Was pretty fun.
  • ScofieScofie Posts: 98 Match Maker
    I tried XFD and Drax too. I must have been doing it wrong because Okoye died and the others got a fair battering too before winning...
  • Rod5Rod5 Posts: 405 Mover and Shaker
    Okoye tanks and heals but triggers XFool and Drax passives every time she gets hit by any sort of damage. Pick up a few Team Up AP and watch the fireworks.

    I’ve beaten some huge teams with it.
  • CT1888CT1888 Posts: 1,000 Chairperson of the Boards
    As first posts go @Rhadamanthus23 you knocked that one out of the park.
  • DormammuDormammu Posts: 3,168 Chairperson of the Boards
    I regularly team Okoye with 1-star Spider-Man. All three of his powers are super-cheap and do damage for Okoye to buff. He'll get taken out by AoE but otherwise hides in the back safe and sound. For a third I throw in Jessica Jones - I'm already hunting red and blue for Spidey and often I'll trigger her Damning Evidence on those matches, once again buffed by Okoye. In this scenario Okoye tanks everything but blue so TU AP loss is minimal.

    But that team is just for kicks. Against champed 5-stars who do significant match damage, nothing is swifter than Okoye + XFD + Drax. Okoye tanks everything, so every time an enemy makes a match XFD and Drax are doing countdown damage. Once you have a couple TU matches in the bank, everything falls apart very swiftly for their foes.
  • Rhadamanthus23Rhadamanthus23 Posts: 22 Just Dropped In
    edited September 2018
    OJSP said:
    I’ve seen several people mentioning this and I just want to clarify something: Okoye doesn’t boost attack tiles.

    So, don’t put Okoye in a team with attack tile makes.
    The tiles aren't boosted, you're right. So, a tile-maker will not get the super-bonus from the TU APs.  A very important distinction. However: If your other character gets damage multipliers from the number of tiles, like Dazzler's Green power -- that damage will be affected!

    Just wanted to clarify. ;)

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