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  • StraycatStraycat Posts: 962 Critical Contributor
    Roland113 said:
    Straycat said:
    Not sure how this would look like. Would you give every character a score in each category that they are eligible. For example

    Gamora  Nuke 6/10, Stun 9/10, Tile creating 7/10, Teamwork 8/10 etc...

    Or would you go thru each category and rank the characters?
    Nuke  1.Carol 2. Riri 3. Iron Fist etc...

    I remember there being a ranking where the characters were given tier scores based on offense, defense, and ease of use. I like that each category applies to each character, but that is too broad. The 2nd example doesn't really reflect how the overall character is.

    But I'll say some categories missing are passives, tile buffing, self synergy, and maybe negative effects
    My thought is that every character would get a score in each category as in your first example.
    I was thinking back to your "mission statement", about quantifying how Grocket and Gamora work together but not apart. I think it would require some kind of team comp multiplier. After every characters stats are tabulated, you put them on a team that adds up their stats and applies multipliers based on several criteria.
    In Grocket Gamora's case, they immediately get a GOTG bump, they get a double dip bump for any character combo that makes strikes and attacks (or other double dip types), and a small bump for only 1 color overlap. That double dip bump will have to be weighted towards strike values vs attack values.
    Would be interesting to show that Medusa's ap gen is only valuable with green and blue users, and gets a bump with someone who creates enemy tiles.

    So this would require defining the relevant categories, ranking each of them, then defining the relevant teamwork multipliers and values, somehow combining them to give a team grade. Seems doable? :D
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,238 Chairperson of the Boards
    Roland113 said:
    As a thought, do you think that AoE is an important category or could that be rolled into the nuke category?  I find that with the speed game, I typically eliminate a few of the targets before I get enough AP for the AoE.  Granted, Dazzler may reinvent that meta before we know it.

    AOE can hit invisible characters so definitely important and is also handy on wave nodes.
  • ThaRoadWarriorThaRoadWarrior Posts: 4,352 Chairperson of the Boards
    there are some hard to quantify effects that would be interesting to see plotted against each other:
    Special Tile Targeting: a lot of characters can do stuff to special tiles randomly, and other characters can target them explicitly as in the case of Hair Meddle vs Double Double Cross. Hair Meddle for 12AP randomly steals tiles, and if it catches one, it gives it a huge boost, but you might not actually catch any. Double Double Cross is definitely stealing up to 2 of them for 7AP and then converting them to strikes for less of a boost with the side effect of creating 3 to be stolen later. Which of these powers is "better?" How do those compare to Something Bad which can steal up to 4 specials with no resulting boost for 8ap and the fallback of stealing 8 random enemy AP?
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