Nerf. And. Fix. Lich's Mastery.

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Seriously, from the very first time I saw Lich's Mastery, I know that card is overpowered, but only today I saw the extent on how this piece of **** needs to be changed.

Not only we need to have a constant supply of Demolished to reliably hit that thing, I just found out that if my Lich's Mastery gets destroyed, I take 30 damage, but when the AI's Lich Mastery gets destroyed (and I've seen that happen at least five times in one game), the AI NEVER takes damage. NEVER, I tell you.


EDIT: Ok, enough venting off.

So, again, I really believe this card is overpowered, as without support destruction this is an instant "I win" button. At the absolute least, can't we have this card self-destruct? As in, lose one shield per turn kind of thing? Besides, if things go right, even with that tick down, multiple Lich's Masteries still provide perfect shield from anything that is not The Great Aurora....


  • mrixl2520mrixl2520 Posts: 237 Tile Toppler
    Yeah this thing is nuts. If ever there was a card that needed that "Loses a shield every turn" mechanic this is it. 
  • KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,620 Chairperson of the Boards
    Make the 30 damage completely unavoidable and reduce shield count, like Demonic Pact which has always been fine and a proper risk to play with..
  • Mburn7Mburn7 Posts: 3,286 Chairperson of the Boards
    I have seen the AI take damage from a destroyed mastery (both with and without another one on the field) so it isn't completely bugged.  But yeah, still a problem.

    My suggestion months ago (dig up my old DOM Balancing Ideas thread if you want) was to make it more like paper.
    Instead of discard a card at the end of the turn, make it discard a card every time you take damage.  If you can't, it loses shields.  If you really want to make it more like paper make it destroy your other creatures and supports first, then destroy itself.  That would make it a much less abusable card, while still being very powerful.
  • bken1234bken1234 GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 2,829 Chairperson of the Boards
    I actually won a match my repeatedly popping LM — so the opponent does take damage. 
  • NinjaENinjaE Posts: 208 Tile Toppler
    I'm not a fan of nerfing in general, but I feel this could do with a couple less shields at the very least.
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