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Update: Adventure Time Puzzle Quest Storefront Removal - October 2018 (8/30/18)

LakeStoneLakeStone Posts: 532ADMINISTRATORS Site Admin

Hello Adventure Time Puzzle Quest Players –

No later than October 1, 2018, Adventure Time Puzzle Quest will be removed from all corresponding app storefronts (Apple, Google Play, and Amazon).  Online support has already been removed from the game last year on June 8, 2017.

What does this mean for you?

If you have not downloaded the game, but want to play the game, please do so and launch the game now!

If you have already downloaded the game and enjoy playing Adventure Time Puzzle Quest, the game will continue to be playable beyond October 1, 2018, however –

– We will not update the title to address hardware or software incompatibilities or other unforeseen issues.

– You will not be able to transfer the game to new devices.

– You will not be able to make any in-app purchases.

– Though we have tested the title under this environment, you may experience unforeseen issues that will not be addressed.

– We will no longer offer customer support.

As we take the game offline, our most recent update (v2.02) has disabled in-app purchases and we have adjusted loot drops on bosses, chest tiles, and quest rewards.

Thank you immensely for the love and support you have shared with this title!

– The D3 Go! Team

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