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Potential Crash Involving Adanto, the First Fort and Memorial to Glory?

HomeRnHomeRn Posts: 271 Mover and Shaker
Just had this happen to me in TG (thank goodness it wasn't in another event!) today where my game crashed due to some kind of weird interaction between the supports in the title.  This might have something to do with Adanto's activated gems summoning vampire tokens and the destruction of Memorial to Glory summoning human soldier tokens at the same time, where there is no room on the battlefield for both.

Here's the layout of my battlefield when it happened (Playing as Elspeth):

Resplendent Angel, a vampire token stack, and Leonin Warleader (deck also has Leonin Vanguard for the Warleader AND the soldier tokens from Memorial to Glory) were the three creatures on the battlefield on my side.

Adanto, the First Fort (with activated gems on battlefield) and Memorial to Glory (with 1 shield left) where the only supports on the board under my control.

I then use Elspeth's second ability to add 2 activated gems to the board since I have Fall of the Thran fully charged and ready to go to trigger ALL of the activated gems in one go.  Also notice a nice L shaped match-5, so I take that and cast Fall of the Thran to destroy all of the gems; damaging Adanto, the First Fort and destroying Memorial to Glory... which immediately summons 2 human soldier tokens, but there's no room on my battlefield for them.  However, the activated gems from Adanto, the First Fort still ETB no problem - while the picture of the soldier tokens is STILL ON THE SCREEN!

The crash happens shortly afterwards, possibly from the fact that there is also the activated gems from Elspeth's ability giving my creatures +4/+4, or from the interaction between Memorial to Glory's destruction and Adanto's activated gems due to a lack of space on the battlefield.

Would like to know what exactly is going on here from an interaction standpoint...


  • Enygma6Enygma6 Posts: 246 Tile Toppler
    I had seen a similar issue in the past, in a previous run of the Battle of the Four Tribes Event.  
    During the first Vampire themed node, the opponent had out Adanto, the First Fort, and I had used Baffling End.  
    In a single gem match on the opponent's turn, he destroyed my Baffling End and an activated gem from Adanto, thus triggering two simultaneous creature token generation events.  The graphic overlay for the Dinosaur Token appeared, and then the Vampire Token graphic appeared over top of that.  As things resolved, the Vampire Token graphic went away, but the Dinosaur Token graphic never did.  
    I was left with a floating card hanging over the middle of the battlefield and gem board.
    The card could be moved around, but would always return to center.  I could make gem matches by moving those that were visible on the left and right columns, and bottom row, but could not see or interact with any of the other gems that were hidden behind the card.  
    After a few turns, when I could no longer make a match with the gems available to me, I was forced to concede by quitting out.
    There was no crash in my instance, but I also did not have an extra buff effect triggered at the same time.
  • KinesiaKinesia Posts: 1,507 Chairperson of the Boards
    That's really interesting... I might try and recreate it! (I was playing around with most of those with AjaniGreensleeves to get him back in touch with his inner cat, but I didn't have the memorial.)
  • ZzyzzxZzyzzx Posts: 100 Tile Toppler
    I just experienced a very similar issue in the RotGP event on node 2.2.
    The catalyst, for me at least, seem to be Fall of the Thran and Memorial to Glory, which line up with the detailed description from @HomeRn above.

    I was playing Elspeth with the bases loaded: 1x reinforced Zacama, 7x reinforced token Elspeth soldiers, 1x reinforced Hannah.
    On the board I had Memorial to Glory sitting pretty with 1 shield remaining and a boatload of activated gems.
    The next step was my cast of Fall of the Thran.
    All activated gems popped.
    First I get a 3 point heal, deal 3 damage to an enemy insect, fetch a few spells with Chaos Wand, resurrect a support or 2, and wham!
    The "Replace Creature" prompt for the soldiers created by Memorial to Glory cannot be dismissed.
    I couldn't select a critter to replace nor click the "Not Now" button.
    After several angry minutes trying, I had to quit the match.
    Sadly, this cost my team 25 points and a blow to the ego....=(
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