Quick application of champ levels

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Since R158, we can no longer apply champ covers quickly. We're forced to watch the animation of the cover being applied, or doing a second screen tap to stop the animation. Getting 3 x 3 star covers as an event reward now takes 6 taps or about 5-6 seconds to apply, when previously it was 3 quick taps. This might not sound like much, but it's annoying with 3 covers...I can't imagine what it'll be like when I open 400 tokens at once.


  • Cactus_Jack_87
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    I've noticed it too, and even though it's a minor complaint, it's worth mentioning. It took me like 2.4 extras seconds to apply my champ rewards this morning from my PvE rewards!

  • broll
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    Also noticed and not a fan of the change.  Though my guess is this is there so that if someone has 100 saved covers and champs something they have a way to tap to skip the animations (though that's still 100 taps...)
  • Punter1
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    I'm missing the issue - I'm on android. 

    If I have multiple of the same character covers to apply, I tap once on the first to add champ level which takes you to the character add level screen, then from the character screen keep tapping add level until they are all applied.  The rewards don't need skipped, they appear to the side and small.   This has always been the case.  Maybe not an android issue?

  • Ron30
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    Punter, if you had 3 covers to apply, it used to take 3 taps of the 'add champ level' button (I don't recall the exact wording right now). You could tap 3 times quickly to add all 3. Now you either have to wait for 1 second after each tap, for the champ level to go up, with a quick animation, or you have to tap a 2nd time to kill the animation and have the level go up. So what used to take 1 sec to apply 3 covers, now takes 3-4 sec. Or what used to take 3 taps now takes 6.