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Hello everyone as the title says i need help with my roster and where to move on started playing long time ago stopped for a while and now i am starting shield rank is 35 i have 1036075iso my roster is every kind of help would be great..thx in addition


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    My advice? Chase 3-star covers, champ them all. Then move on to the 4-stars, champ a large number of them. Then move on to the 5-stars.

    Your roster is in its infancy and there's not much more to say. Some basic tips:

    1 Use all HP for roster slots.
    2 When you max champ a 2-star (Lv 144) sell it and start a new one.
    3 Focus on PvE (Story Mode), it's where you'll gain the most resources to advance.
    4 Don't put ISO into under-covered 4-stars and 5-stars, most of them can't help you yet. Stick to your 3-stars right now and get them all champed. You have a million ISO and that may seem like a lot and you don't have a use for it all, but trust me when I say that is a drop in the bucket.
    5 You need an IM40 (3-star Iron Man)
    6 Get into an active alliance. There is a sub-forum here that is great at matching players to the right alliance - check it out.

    Stick around these forums, there's a lot of information you can absorb around here just by reading the various active threads. If you have more specific questions, speak up! There are a lot of people here who enjoy helping our fellow players.
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    1.  Assorted 4*s at 1-3 covers will not help.  Pick a few 4*s and stick with them.  Sell the rest unless you are paying in.  If you are paying in, you can just buy whatever you want of course.

    Of the 4*s I'd say Captain Marvel, Peggy Carter, Professor X are most worth raising of the ones you have, but a lot of 4*s that are popular you don't have.  Medusa / Carnage is an old combo, America Chavez is new but shows up a lot, Rocket and Groot show up all over the place.

    It's not that any 4*s are "bad" (I mean you could say Sandman but hey whatever), but if you're rostering a 4* then you're not rostering a 3*, and that means a load of your covers end up being sold for mere iso, instead of being applied to characters and raising your roster's effective power.  If you're a money player of course it's fine to go with 4*s, just spend a lot and poof instant roster.

    2.  Advice differs depending on if you play Deadpool Daily Quest only, or if you do a lot of PvE events, or if you do a lot of PvP.

    If you do a lot of PvE / PvP roster all the non-Bagman 2*s (one of each).   Yes that's right, one of each - it's quite a lot, but that's as it goes.  Champion them when you get them to 13 covers, then max their levels, then sell them, then repeat process.  The tokens you'll keep getting from PvE and PvP will fuel 2* growth very quickly; you get HP, tokens, 3* covers in exchange for iso.

    If you only do Deadpool Daily Quest keep mostly 3*s, as the 3*s will be how you generate HP when you have the Essential 3* for DDQ.

    You should save DDQ tokens until you get over 300, then when you see a 4* you like, open a bunch until you get what you want.

    I really don't know that I would keep a 5*.  Supposedly it can raise your PvP matchups, and it'll be slow to raise.  Of course if you really like Silver Surfer then by all means keep it, but don't raise its level.

    3.  I put up a character ranking guide on these forums.  You can ask questions there if you like, or here.  But among the candidates that you need IMO in 3* land (just in general) are 3* Iron Man, Kamala Khan, and Hood.  3* Iron Man's Recharge is generally super useful, and Kamala Khan and Hood work with 3* Captain America to set up, well, look at the characters, you'll figure how it works.

    4.  It's fine to focus on PvE, but if you want to push on 4* covers, as I wrote, you need a list of exactly what 4*s you want, and you need to take every opportunity to get them, especially if you're a budget player and not throwing your wallet at the screen.  That means you'll need to do PvP.  Luckily now there's win-based progression so you can get the featured 4* character at sufficient SCL, though it can be a pain, again, you need to pursue every opportunity to get covers on your selected 4*s.

    5.  Planning, planning, planning.  Make a list of exactly what characters you need and exactly why you need them, each character should have a reason or they shouldn't make the list.  When you see one of those characters featured in PvE or PvP, go after them.  Mind you probably shouldn't be gunning for placement rewards at SCL 7 with that roster, not that it's a bad roster, but mostly top ten tend to be players with pretty developed 4* and 5* rosters that are just faster.

    6.  Planning, planning, planning.  Find a decent alliance, top 200 or whatnot, one that will actively advise you on roster (note a lot of advice you get may be bad but whatever, just get a lot of advice from different players and see what you think at the end).  The better your alliance places, the better rewards you'll get.
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    first of all thank you both for the replies i will remake my roster acording to your advice since it makes sense i am using HP on rosters slots only already i am thinking about keeping Agent Coulson aswell since i like him a lot and his powers dont seem that bad.The only reason i kept Silver Surfer is because he helps me a lot in pve since his matching dmg is somehow high and he is tanky.I guess its time for my new journey throughout the game since its like starting again from 0.Definately i will search the forums for advice and for more information.Thanks again for the info :smile:

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    Strange, IM40, and Thanos would be my recommendations to focus on in the 3* tier until you have them champed.

    Any of the 4* can be let go if you need to, but if I were you, I would try to hang on to Iron Fist and Luke Cage, Coulson and Carol, Mockingbird, Peggy, and Rogue. 4* Sam Wilson, Bucky, Cloak & Dagger, Moon Knight, Ant-Man, 4* Wolverine, and Ghost can certainly go. Professor X can go as he is, but if you get a purple cover, hang onto it.

    Having a 5* like Silver Surfer does help in PvE, because their match damage is about twice what someone from any other tier would be at that level. But he's making PvP significantly harder for you. As best anyone can make out, what teams you can see in PvP is determined by the average level of your top few characters. Assuming 3 (a number I see tossed around for it pretty often), he's running your average up to about 216, higher than any other character you have. Dropping him brings it down to about 177, much more reasonable for a larger chunk of your roster, and that will grow only slowly if you focus on building the 3* tier before going further.

    Make sure you use Deadpool in at least one match every day to save up Deadpool Points. The ability to use those with his purple (whether he's on your team or from a Team-Up) can really save your bacon sometimes when you get in over your head, or a nasty cascade starts spiraling things out of control.