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Current plus "Classic" Elite pack options?

James13James13 Posts: 610 Critical Contributor
I was slightly disappointed this morning that when the Ixalan elite pack rotated out that there wasn't another non-current set one to replace it.

I'd like to suggest that two concurrent options be considered.  One rotating the immediate current set, another rotating through older sets.

Thanks for the consideration!


  • IM_CARLOSIM_CARLOS Posts: 550 Critical Contributor
    I disagree. I would prefer a standard set, or newest Set rotation plus a rotation through the rest from KLD and so on.

    But best option would be, if MP are craftable. Same fore PW: it's hard to complete collection if you have to wait for months. 
  • Mburn7Mburn7 Posts: 2,500 Chairperson of the Boards
    Well, right now there is an M19 and a HOU elite pack up for grabs.

    I assume they are doing this based on how well it was received last time they did that.

    Hopefully this will be a permanent thing going forward (1 standard elite pack and 1 legacy elite pack simultaneously up for sale)
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