Come and Get Me - Event Details *Updated (8/9/18)

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Hi Everyone,

Here are the event details for the upcoming Come and Get Me event!

Thanos (Infinity Saga)

  • Doesn’t make matches
  • Infinity Gauntlet
    • Black Passive
    • If there isn't already one on the board, create a 2-turn Gauntlet tile that charges and destroys the entire row, dealing massive damage and gaining triple AP.
    • The Gauntlet tile can't be matched and won't fall
  • Infinite Power
    • 8 Purple AP
    • Creates a Purple Countdown tile. (3-turn tile at Rounds 1-6. 4 turn tile at rounds 7 & 8)
    • While this tile is on the board, Thanos (Infinity Saga) deals 15% extra damage and no tiles may be destroyed or changed except by Thanos (Infinity Saga) (tiles may still be matched away)
  • Infinity Gems
    • Green Passive
    • Thanos cannot be Stunned nor sent Airborne
    • At the beginning of the battle, place one of each Infinity Gem on the board. Destroying the Gem gives you the following effect:
      • Time Gem: Creates a random duplicate non-Purple Infinity Gem
      • Mind Gem: Generate 30 AP of a random color
      • Reality Gem: Give a burst of healing to your entire team, restoring them to full health.
      • Power Gem: Deal a massive amount of damage to Thanos (a little more than third of his max health).
      • Space Gem: Create 2 Critical tiles
      • Soul Gem: Destroy all Green tiles, dealing damage but not generating AP


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