Card filter refinement

stikxsstikxs Posts: 372 Mover and Shaker
Would it be easy to add onto the search box on the card filter screen, so that we can use AND/OR to filter cards (knights OR warriors, for example, or maybe discard AND [damage OR life]). Additionally, I know there isn't much more space on the filter screen, but maybe cut the mastered/not box in half and add a box with a button for standard that will select the current standard set and deselect the others. And since in 2 sets it's going to have issues with more sets than space and need to scroll, go ahead and do that and add more sort ordering to include color, rarity, and type, along with allowing us to set the order of multiple sorting selections (the game Mobius Final Fantasy is a good example of this).


  • DBJonesDBJones Posts: 803 Critical Contributor
    Searching for multi-color cards would be nice too. Also, searching specifically for cards with evergreens rather than including everything that mentions the evergreen, and searching for all cards that count as historic would be great.
  • BlessedOneBlessedOne Posts: 228 Tile Toppler
    I'd like to see as filters:
    1. Mana requirements (Based on the objective to cast cards that cost 9 or less for example)
    2. Power and Toughness (Based on the objective to cast creatures with power 5 or more)

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