Reduce obstacles to forum participation

Kinesia Posts: 1,621 Chairperson of the Boards
The forums are very unfriendly to new users.

I just had to walk one of my players through how to get posting enabled and I had to manually find links for him and dig things up because the entire setup is designed to be obstructive rather than helpful.

More forum threads (Basically every single announcement) need to be added to the ingame message box. (A few were a few months ago and we thought this was going to be regular but it wasn't.)

The bit about people needing mod approval before they can post... I know this is to stop bots but it's so badly setup it's stopping very many real people. People can only post in ONE specific channel but they are not pointed to this channel or told why they can't post, the button is just greyed out, the button should be active but take them to the intro channel with instructions.

It's REALLY important that this process is cleaned up and made more intuitive and open. (It'd be better if it didn't need manual interference like it does, but even just telling people what it going on will help heaps!)