Creative Uses for Supports

First… We want to preface that we are not a fan of gutting new character release abilities for the sake of selling accompanying Supports. We also understand that some have a toxic view of Supports in general. To that let it be known that this post is not meant as encouragement for bad developer behavior or a ringing endorsement for more Supports.

What we would like to do is identify creative approaches to Support use. We are of the mind that if you give us a widget, then we will figure out how to make use of it whether to enhance gameplay or just to make it colorful. We managed to acquire a couple with the best being Rank 4 Vibranium Ore. So, we started experimenting during “Heart of Darkness”

America Chavez powered-up so we gave her the Vibranium Ore Support to make her deadlier. The Rank 4 perk gives a small percentage chance to gain 1 extra XP on enemy strong color matches, which adds more to her passive Punch power. The Rank 2 perk of creating protect tiles on Match-4 is a nice addition that feeds into….

Luke Cage powered up with the Avengers Tower support. This support is only up to Rank 3, but it also adds Match-4 protect tiles. The protect tiles are not that strong, but they pile on to Cage’s own protect tile creation and also give him more things to fortify with his Hero for Hire nuke. The Rank 2 perk also has a near 20% chance to fortify (meaning more pain in HoH). The Rank 1 perk gives a chance to get 2 yellow AP to either speed up HoH or add to Chavez Punch power.

We brought along a poorly covered OML to serve as a hit sponge (since Luke recovers poorly from damage = slow healer health pack muncher) and to take advantage of the critical tiles from ole Chavez. We gave OML the Korg support which gives small perks to max health, a modicum of damage to villains, and possibility to gain 3 more yellow AP for aforementioned HoH or C Punching. That stuff is all well and good, but the Rank 4 perk is what was truly helpful. The increase to base Yellow match damage kept OML higher in all colors with the exception of Red and Green, which kept him tanking even a powered-up Luke Cage.

What creative uses have you found?

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